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News story: Dangerous diversion of Diazepam down by potentially more than 60%

first_img Media enquiries We recently updated the public about the diversion of medicines onto the criminal market, said to be worth up to £200m. Our enforcement team is running 17 active investigations, and we are disrupting organised criminal networks diverting medicines from the legitimate supply chain onto the illegal market.44 arrests have been made thus far, for offences such as possession with intent to supply a controlled drug, and offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act.Last year, Mohammed Urfan pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful supply of class C controlled drugs contrary to section 4(3) a Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and a suspended sentence of 18 months imprisonment was imposed on him, with a requirement that he carry out 260 hours of unpaid work.Alastair Jeffrey, MHRA Head of Enforcement, said: Our efforts to crack down on the diversion of Prescription-Only Medicines (POM) onto the black market are working, as recent figures highlight a drop in large scale orders of prescription medicine.The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) analysed bulk orders of diverted medicines* between January – May 2017 compared to January – May 2016. The figures show: It is a serious criminal offence to sell medicines outside of the regulated supply chain and the latest figures show our unabated efforts to identify and prosecute criminals are having an effect. The criminals involved are exploiting people to make money and have no concern about the health and wellbeing of people who buy the medicines. We will work tirelessly to investigate and prosecute those breaking the law. trading of Diazapam is down by 64% trading of Nitrazepam is down by 24% trading of top strength Temazepam is down by 20% trading of Zolpidem is down by 14%. News centreMHRA10 South ColonnadeLondonE14 4PU Prescription only medicines are potent and should only be taken under medical supervision. During office hours: 020 3080 7651 (08:30 – 17:00) Out of office hours: 07770 446 189 (17:00 – 08:30) Email [email protected] Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm. For real-time updates including the latest press releases and news statements, see our Twitter channel at read more

Need A Miracle To Dead & Company’s Show At Citi Field?

first_imgNext weekend, Dead and Company will make a highly anticipated New York appearance at iconic Citi Field in Queens, home of the New York Mets.While the Dead have played countless concerts in the NYC area throughout their thirty year career, there have only been a handful of shows in Queens. The band’s very first trip to the New York City borough came in 1969 – incidentally the same year that the Mets amazed baseball fans everywhere by winning the World Series. Check out audio from their July 12, 1969 performance at the NY State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows Park, below.Tickets to 6/25 & 6/26 are available for purchase here, but Live for Live Music is giving you the chance to win four seated tickets to the upcoming Dead & Company at Citi Field on Sunday, 6/26! Enter below, then share to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!last_img read more

Help Customers Develop a ‘Cloud if’ and Modernized Infrastructure Mindset

first_imgOrganizations of all sizes need to shift their focus from a ‘cloud first’ strategy to a ‘cloud if’ mindset if they want to stay competitive. That’s the advice advocated in a new white paper[1] published by leading industry analyst Moor Insights & Strategy.This is a message your customers need to hear. Too many companies, say the authors, have rushed to public cloud as the solution to all their IT problems. But public cloud options are not always best suited to all workloads and business requirements – and can often end up costing more than on-premises infrastructure.As a Dell EMC partner, you’re ideally placed to help organizations explore the benefits of hybrid IT based on the high-performing PowerEdge server platform – and give your own business a boost at the same time.Public cloud adoption isn’t always the answerTechnology is undoubtedly the key to enabling responsiveness to customer and market demands. And an IT department that can enable responsiveness by adopting new workloads, applications, and deployment methodologies is invaluable to a business.But it should be the business that dictates the applications and workloads required for success. A responsive IT department will then work with the business ‘as a service’, quickly building and deploying the required services to meet its ever-changing workload needs – and helping the business to retain competitive advantage.It’s all about IT dexterity, which can be achieved with a hybrid infrastructure model, where IT departments are able to choose strategically how and where to run their workloads.Workload placement strategies to suit specific business needsThe white paper argues that while public cloud plays a key role in IT transformation, true success will only be achieved with an optimal balance of cloud deployments and on-premises infrastructure.Modern enterprises need modernized infrastructure that’s purposefully designed for the software-defined datacenter (SDDC) – it’s the necessary foundation for any successful hybrid IT strategy.It means that a pragmatic workload placement strategy is also essential for all organizations.Rushing to bring outdated and antiquated applications to public cloud solutions doesn’t fix anything. In some cases, it can exacerbate performance and support issues – resulting in unpredictable operational expense (OpEx), management complexity, security, and lack of control.Instead, the public cloud option should be considered as a tool, not a strategy. Private cloud and on-premises deployments may well prove to be a better option, depending on specific business requirements.Many of the workloads and applications that drive modern businesses are well-suited for on-premises placement – the report details five key advantages that can be gained with on-premises infrastructure:Workload criticalityPerformanceData managementSecurityCostPowerEdge – the bedrock of the modern data centerThe Moor Insights report also suggests that Dell EMC PowerEdge server[2]  are ideally suited to form the foundation of a successful hybrid on-premises solution run on modernized infrastructure.That’s because the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are the bedrock of the modern data center. Designed and built from the ground up to enable IT transformation without compromise, they’re powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and intelligent system management.Available in a comprehensive choice of configurations, PowerEdge severs deliver the scalability, security and intelligent automation that’s needed to give organizations the edge they’re looking for.The importance of modernized infrastructureAward-winning[3] PowerEdge servers are also part of a broader portfolio of products and services – ranging from hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to fully integrated storage, networking, and data protection solutions, plus expert deployment services – that makes Dell EMC a leading provider of end-to-end modernized infrastructure.As the white paper puts it, “not all servers are created equal” – and hardware has never mattered more in these days of ‘software-defined’.Relying on outdated infrastructure is costly. Your customers are likely to discover this if they’re running underperforming applications and workloads on sub-optimal server hardware that consumes too much power and lacks the necessary security.Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are the smart choice for customers looking to fully embrace array of cloud infrastructure models – and the greater IT dexterity that it will bring to their business.> Read and share the key recommendations:Moor Insights report [1] Moor Insights & Strategy report, in association with Dell EMC,‘Shifting From A ‘Cloud First’ To A ‘Cloud If’ Enterprise Mindset’ February 2019.[2] Not available in all countries – please contact your account manager for more information.[3] 2018 ChannelPro Readers’ Choice Awards Gold Winner: Dell EMC for ‘Best Server Hardware’.last_img read more

Unleashed: Josh and Zoey the Dog

first_imgall photos by Shannon McGowanWhen most people come home on a Friday after work, they’ll grab a remote or maybe a drink with some pals.Josh Elder grabs his paddle and a dog leash that will most likely not get used at all that weekend.Elder has the strongest GO GO GO and GET OUT THERE AND SEND IT mentality I’ve personally ever witnessed in a human being. He’s currently a full-time graduate assistant at University of Tennesse in Knoxville, TN. Every weekend Elder travels out of the city to paddle (and when he can’t do that) to bike or climb. Before Knoxville, he had been traveling across the country, living out of his little hatchback Subaru climbing, biking, and paddling everything he can. Climbing in Joshua Tree and Indian Creek, river guiding on the Arkansas and James River, pack and climbing instructing is just naming a few of the many things this guy has done. The only living thing whose drive and stoke even compares would be a dog…Zoey, the dog to be exact.Zoey is one of the most impressive dogs I’ve ever met. When I’m with the both of them, I don’t feel like I’m with Josh and his dog… It feels like I’m hanging out with my two good pals Josh and Zoey. You never have to guess what she’s thinking or feeling because she’ll let you know, with a quick bark, excited face lick, or a sassy side eye. I’ve joined many adventures with them and I can count the number of times I’ve seen Zoey on a leash on just my one hand.Everywhere Josh goes, so does Zoey. Every crazy activity Josh is out doing, Zoey’s running alongside him. When I mountain bike with them she not only keeps up no problem but is actually ahead of me… The entire time! Zoey has experienced more things and places in her life than many people have in double that time. She even has her own social life when Josh is at work or school. Any friend of Josh’s (who is just as equally Zoey’s friend of course) could go grab Zoey and bring her along on an adventure or to a social event.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.BRO: How did your path’s cross?Elder: In Lynchburg, the city I was living in at the time, there is one 4 lane road that contains all of the chain restaurants, strip malls, and college student-oriented shops.  A friend of mine had a perpetual habit of picking up every animal she thought was a stray (not a bad habit, but resulted in her house having lots of litter boxes).One day, she saw a potato-sized fluffball run across the busy chain road, and dart under a truck in the sonic parking lot. She naturally picked up the pup, and took it back to her house to find the stray a home.I happened to be the first to come over to play with the dog, with no intentions of taking it. However, it’s really hard To leave a six week old Heeler/ Sheppard pup behind without feeling a bit guilty. Five years later, I still feel the same guilt every time I walk out the door to go anywhere other than school without her.BRO: Would you say your relationship is unique? If so, how?Elder: I believe everyone that has a dog that doesn’t suck (and even some that do), feel that their relationship is unique. So naturally, yes, I think there’s something special about this relationship.I have a lot of drive and energy around most things I do. Yet somehow, that dog has more. We’ll do a 10 – 15 mile bike ride one day, she’ll sleep on the way home, then be ready to go again. She definantly aids in keeping me moving. Consequentially, I have her with me whenever I can. I think having a dog that can hang on during long bike rides, sleep in the car while I’m on the river, and travel around the country without becoming territorial or aggressive is the unique part of our relationship. Maybe I trained her well, but in reality, I think I just got lucky.BRO: How often is Zoey on a leash? Why?Elder: … less than she should be. If we are in a scenario where someone would be really uncomfortable with an off-leash dog, or a really crowded area, then I’ll keep her on a leash to make life easier. Aside from that, she is extremely attentive and attached, so she’s pretty hard to lose. She also really likes to run, or at least I think she does, so she’s usually right there, whatever I’m doing.BRO: What has been some the most memorable moments/adventures?Elder: Having the dog at the whitewater play park was always pretty memorable. Watching her ferry across the river, swim wave trains, and sit on the rocks that form play holes was always a hoot, and made my time there much more enjoyable. It also got a lot of “oooh’s” and ” ahhhhhh’s” from onlookers on the bank.Once, this old surely couple came through in their raft and asked if they could surf with the dog in their raft. I told them her name, they cruised up beside her and she jumped right in. Watching this couple spin a raft in the play hole with the dog on the high side of each spin was hilarious.BRO: Who has more power in the relationship?Elder: I’m going to say the dog. However, I’m only going to say that because I have changed plans and made accommodations for her, but I don’t believe she has ever done the same for me. I also buy her food and she has never paid for me.BRO: Do you have any advice for adventuring dog owners?Elder: Don’t half-ass having a dog,  you’ve got a best friend for life, take advantage of it! Keep your dog with you as often as possible, and make sure they get plenty of time with other dogs while they’re young! nobody likes a dog who runs away from their owner the second they get off leash.last_img read more

Indonesia expresses condolences over bomb attacks in Philippines

first_imgAlthough no group has claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack this year in the Philippines, local authorities suspect the Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf group.Local authorities also said the two female suicide bombers were widows of militants who were connected to the group and had been involved in other suicide bombings in June last year.Last year, the region also witnessed a double suicide bombing at a Jolo church that killed more than 20 people and wounded more than 100 others. Retno said that according to the information gained by the ministry, no Indonesian citizens were impacted by the incidents. The ministry said it would closely monitor the development of the situation in the country through coordination with the Indonesian Embassy in Manila and the Consulate General office in Davao.“Based on the last information from the Western Mindanao Command, the suicide bombers were identified as two women,” she added.“Based on that information, both women were identified as local residents.”The casualties from the incident that took place around noon on Monday included security force personnel, civilians and the two bombers. Topics :center_img The Indonesian government has extended its deepest condolences to the people of the Philippines over the recent bomb attacks that killed at least 14 people and wounded 75 others in the main town of Jolo Island on Monday while asserting that the alleged suicide bomber was not an Indonesian.“We would like to send our deepest condolences to the victims’ families, the government and the people of the Philippines,” Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi said in a press briefing on Thursday.She dismissed reports from several news outlets claiming that an Indonesian may have been one of the suicide bombers.last_img read more

Founder of Comlinx Scott Smith has sold his million dollar Villa in less than a month

first_img87 Albatross Ave, Mermaid Beach.BRISBANE IT boss Scott Smith has cut $145,000 off the sale price of his weekend villa. The founder of IT company Comlinx put the villa on the market less than a month ago before it sold $1.35 million. The home was originally on the market for $1.495 million. 2/87 Albatross Ave, Mermaid Waters. Supplied by Luke HendersonMore from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North6 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa1 day agoAgent Luke Henderson of John Henderson Professionals Mermaid Beach negotiated the deal ad said the residence at 87 Albatross Avenue attracted interest from purchasersbecause of its beachside living without the multi-million price tags of its neighbouring beachfront mansions.Mr Henderson said the east-facing, three-bedroom- plus-study villa enjoyed ocean views andsea breezes.“The villa was planned with a luxurious lifestyle in mind and was designed to maximise thenatural light and the ocean views,” said Mr HendersonThe founder of IT company Comlinx said he bought the three-bedroom villa at No. 2/87 Albatross Ave as a weekender in 2010 for $1.16 million.Mr Smith said he was struggling to find time for the villa after buying a large Indooroopilly home.Mr Henderson said it was difficult to find something for under $2 million in the exclusive neighbourhood.last_img read more

Pirates Kidnap Four Seafarers from Greek Tanker off Togo

first_imgArmed pirates have kidnapped four crew members from a Greece-flagged tanker off the coast of Togo, the Hellenic Coast Guard confirmed.The vessel, identified as the 94,143 dwt Elka Aristotle, was boarded by pirates while anchored near the West African port of Lome on November 4, 2019.The attack resulted in the kidnapping of four of the ship’s 24 crew members, according to the coast guard.“The vessel and remaining crew are safe,” European Navigation, the vessel’s operator, said in a separate statement.Of the kidnapped crewmen, one is Greek, one Georgian and two are Filipino nationals.“We are doing everything we can to ensure their prompt and safe release,” the Greek company added.The Hellenic Coast Guard also said that the country’s authorities were “closely monitoring” the issue.The incident occurred only two days after nine crew members were taken hostage from a bulk carrier off Cotonou, Benin. The anchored vessel was boarded by perpetrators while it was waiting for berth to discharge cargo.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Bastian Schweinsteiger signs to Manchester United

first_imgBastian Schweinsteiger is set to join Manchester United in a £15m deal. United have signed the German player on a three-year contract from Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.The 30-year-old midfielder played under United boss Louis Van Gaal while the Dutchman managed Bayern between 2009 and 2011.“Manchester United is the only club that I would have left Munich for,” said Schweinsteiger. “I am looking forward to working with Louis van Gaal again.”The German star is expected to bring quality and experience to United midfield. Bayern have a ready-made replacement in Thiago Alcantara.Bayern Munich fans booed the decision to let their talisman leave the club. Bastian Schweinsteiger, who has been at the club for 17 years, played in over 500 competitive games, and won 20 trophies.last_img read more

Liverpool’s invincible dream shattered by ruthless Watford

first_img Loading… FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Just minutes later, Sarr showed nerves of steel to finish one-on-one with Alisson after breaking through the backline once more, confidently dinking the ball over the Brazilian keeper. Jurgen Klopp turned to Adam Lallana from the substitutes bench to try and change things, and the midfielder very nearly made an instant impact when his left-footed effort from outside the box hit the post. Divock Origi was also sent on in an attempt to claw a way back into the game, but it was Watford who delivered another stinging blow next. Things became even more incredulous when Troy Deeney broke through to give Watford a third goal without reply, with Sarr turning provider this time having intercepted Trent Alexander-Arnold’s loose backpass. Not only did it extend Watford’s advantage, it was the goal that took them above Bournemouth on goal difference and out of the drop zone. Sarr even had a chance for a hat-trick when he got in behind again, but he spurned the chance by slicing it wide. Read Also:Liverpool legend opens up on racist incident The attention then turned to defending for Watford, and the backline held firm to keep Liverpool’s deadly attack at bay and ruin their dreams of going undefeated in 2019-20. Promoted ContentTop 8 Most Fun Sylvester Stallone MoviesWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Insane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street Art14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right NowEverything You Need To Know About Asteroid ArmageddonWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growth5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreThe Best Cars Of All TimeWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks Ismaila Sarr scored a brace and set a goal up for Troy Deeney to make Watford the first team to beat Liverpool in the Premier League since Manchester City in January 2019. Senegal’s Sarr was the tormentor in chief in Liverpool defeat Liverpool are closing in on a first league title of the Premier League era, but the celebrations will be made to wait a little longer after Watford dented their dreams of going the whole season unbeaten. The Reds would have been the first team to do so since Arsenal in 2003-04, with only Manchester United taking points off Jurgen Klopp’s men prior to today in the league this season. However, the team to finally defeat Liverpool after 44 games without loss in the Premier League were an unusual suspect – as Watford took three points that lifted them out of the relegation zone. Ismaila Sarr, an international teammate of Liverpool star Sadio Mane with Senegal, gave Watford an unlikely lead when he took advantage of some unusually disorganised defending from the Reds’ backline. Getting in front of Andy Robertson, Sarr got on the end of Abdoulaye Doucoure’s cross to poke the ball past Alisson Becker. It was a deserved lead for Watford, who had taken more shots up to that point – and it was a lead they refused to relinquish.last_img read more

NegOcc enhanced community quarantine starts March 30

first_imgThe governor reiterated the need toimplement such measures as the entire country grapples to curb the menace ofthe viral disease. BACOLOD City – The Province of NegrosOccidental will be placed under an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) for 16days as part of its preventive measures against the spread, or localtransmission of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Only those private establishmentsproviding basic necessities and engaged such activities related to foodand medical supplies shall be open. There will also be suspension of masstransportation during the period. A strict home quarantine rules shall beobserved in all households; movement shall be limited to accessing basicnecessities; provision for food and essential health services shall beregulated and there will be heightened presence of uniformed personnel toenhance quarantine procedures. The local government units shallimplement by granting an ECQ passes to one person household authorizing him/herto leave  their residence solely purposes of buying food, medicines andother basic necessities. Lacson clarified that an ECQ is not alockdown because this will only limit people on the streets. This after Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacsonissued Executive Order (EO) 20-20. The ECQ will take effect starting 12:01 a.m.of March 30 until 11:59 p.m. of April 14. center_img Borders and ports in the provincewill be sealed. “Curfew is not anymore applicable sinceonly one member is allowed to go out. Senior citizens who are the mostvulnerable with the virus are strictly not allowed to go out,” Lacson added. Operations of all public utilityvehicles shall be suspended including buses, jeepneys, taxis, V-hire vans,tricycles, E-tricycles, pedicabs and other similar forms. Lacson said the provincial government willdeploy skeletal force during the entire period of the ECQ. Those who are notphysically fit may do their jobs at home with pay. Meanwhile, Vice Mayor El Cid Familiarandisclosed that the city has already prepared to issue also the same ECO./PNlast_img read more