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Monthly Archives: June 2017

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The second China Xiamen college students innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

entrepreneurship difficult, no one can succeed alone. To help young entrepreneurs, Xiamen held a college student innovation and entrepreneurship contest, and the creation of female college students special game, highlighting the new generation of young students entrepreneurial style.

win-win innovation, build the future. The day before the second session of China (Xiamen) college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition was officially launched in Jimei, and the second batch of Xiamen city college students entrepreneurship mentor committee business mentor appointment ceremony. At the same time, led by the provincial women’s Federation, the Provincial Education Department of the first Chinese (Fujian) female college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition 18 days will start, highlighting women’s business style. read more

Yu Yongfu’s analysis of the multiple meanings of help in the process of entrepreneurship

want to succeed in business, you need to support internal and external, indispensable, today, take a look at this article, I hope to give you some help. UC excellent as chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu at the meeting published on the theme of entrepreneurship to help speech, analysis of the entrepreneurial process in the help of the multi meaning, as well as a small number of entrepreneurs on the unspoken rules".

second for words, I put into this business to help, this has two layers of meaning for the word, the first layer of meaning is very important, is to help entrepreneurs is a Gang Gang, actually start to today we all entrepreneurs need to be very clear in a word, it we need to fight, regardless of a person, a group of us or how many people, in fact, for entrepreneurs, today, has been difficult to one aspect, product technology and market management are very strong, unlikely, but the most important thing today is for you to organize a team to products, technology, marketing and management are very strong, so what is the one thing most start on the road of happiness, when you climb the mountain when the gang at the foot, after you climb, these people can look at the scenery with you this Is a very important piece of success, the whole gang entrepreneur to share several aspects:

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Public entrepreneurship can not be passion become dizzy with success

the whole society has set off a wave of entrepreneurship, young people have stepped into the ranks of entrepreneurial forces. But entrepreneurship is not enough enthusiasm, personal qualities and capital contacts, etc..

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What are the clothing store opening process

clothing market fiery, we all want to open a clothing store, but the store is not very understanding of the shop process. Ready to invest in the clothing store will be friends of the clothing store shop process more concerned about it? So, today to introduce you to a simple clothing store shop process.

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College students to discuss 5000 yuan wage workers to avoid and threaten

at the end of the year is usually the peak of migrant workers pay talks, but recently there are college students began to discuss wage. Zhengzhou, a sophomore student working company closed down, owed 5000 yuan wages refused to honor the boss, but also with SMS threat.

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A white collar resignation of entrepreneurship succulents earning hundreds of thousands of envy

in the new period, entrepreneurship is a brave thing to do, because in the business process will face many risks, but in the entrepreneurial success, risk that in fact is worth, society, there are some entrepreneurs with their unique way to the interpretation of what is entrepreneurship.

in the period since the succulents by virtue of its mini "body", fleshy "looks" won the favorite of young people, also appeared a lot of game player "fleshy" meat powder "and so on. Some people spend money on up to hundreds of thousands of succulent plants. With succulent hot, more and more people into the business. This looks at the small gadget, really can make big business? The answer is yes! Village a fleshy annual income of 80 million, a staff college open shop selling hundreds of thousands of monthly sales.   content from China venture capital read more

What are the skills to join the bakery

bakery is a favorite place for a lot of friends, if you want to open a favorite bread store, then what are the good skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope to help you.

preparation: the main bakery is early to spend rental housing and production tools, both inputs are not low, plus other investment totaled 100 thousand yuan in general, including nearly 30 square meters of shops rent 50 thousand yuan a year, a large oven, proofing boxes, tablet machine, and machine tools 20 thousand yuan. Store decoration costs 20 thousand yuan, another 10 thousand yuan is responsible for the purchase of raw materials and processing license. read more

Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Chinese and foreign reporters at the Great Hall of the people

2016 two sessions of the country has just ended, Premier Li Keqiang busy again, this morning in the Great Hall of the people, to accept the interview with Chinese and foreign reporters, and answered questions raised by reporters. Let’s take a look at the details!

3 16 April (Wednesday morning) twelve session of the four meeting of the NPC and foreign reporters after the closing of the Golden Hall of Premier Li Keqiang in the Great Hall of the people on the third interview the four meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress and answered questions raised by reporters. read more

How to eat rice cooker

a shop renovation work is not a trivial matter, not only related to the cost of decoration, but also involves the decoration is to find someone else or decoration companies such things. In short, a shop wants to do a good job of decoration, the work involved is very much. After all, the decoration of the store is not only related to its image, but also to attract customers to play a key role in the pot is also the same. Now, due to the high level of people’s living standards, but also look forward to the dining environment can also bring happiness! Therefore, how to cook rice food store? read more

Dragon Boat Festival in 2015 to start a good choice

blink of an eye on the Dragon Boat Festival in 2015 has come, the customs of different places are not the same, and the importance of the various places for the Dragon Boat Festival is not the same, and entrepreneurs can find a profit point.

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