this year’s double 11 Tmall and produce a surprising answer, let the other 91 billion 200 million business platform to catch up. In this national Carnival behind the electricity supplier economy to the real economy and the impact of this topic was dug out, let us work together to analyze.

undeniable, this is real money each household voting results, bring a win-win situation for manufacturers, businesses and consumers. Just less than 8 hours, nearly a Tmall transaction amount of more than $41 billion 700 million, this figure is even more than last year’s total u.s.. This day, Chinese consumer purchasing power became concentrated, the conduction effect will also stimulate the supply side continued to force, to further improve product quality and customer service service, in order to usher in a revolutionary change in the value of the spread mode today share a greater market share.

sluggish domestic demand may never is a false proposition. Just past the eleven golden week shows that the record of overseas consumption of Chinese people, the number of outbound travel and purchasing power has been ranked first in the world for 3 consecutive years. Whether it is luxury or toilet cover, even if consumers knowing the origin in Chinese, but still keen to buy to go overseas, just that Chinese manufacturing is not always in the same place, but the lack of better detection and evaluation mechanism, the supply and demand sides can better butt. Electricity providers appear to a certain extent to solve these problems, but the fake, fraud, scalping chaos is always lingering shadow, how to better integration of online and offline advantages, continue to reduce consumer choice and the cost of rights, will become the key electricity supplier in the future whether to step.

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