rural area has now become the main battlefield of a business, and entrepreneurship in the vast rural areas, the choice of the project is a very important thing, then Xiaobian recommended several good business projects.

1, Lvkedanji

The characteristics of

2, the average profit of 40 thousand yuan

Rhizomys breeding

the County Ma Shan Xiang is the most concentrated township for the establishment of two breeding wild Rhizomys breeding professional cooperatives, responsible for issuing and in unified recovery, unified sales of goods of rhizomyidae, formed a production, supply and marketing through-train business model, farmers development Rhizomys aquaculture. At present, the total of 20 thousand kinds of Rhizomys aquaculture Xiang sell goods, only 240 thousand years of rhizomyidae, the annual output value of 41 million 280 thousand yuan, the annual profit of about 35 million 280 thousand yuan, output and profits accounted for the "half of the country".

3, fermentation bed increase revenue 50 yuan per head