a day of cold weather, in the cold, a lot of people are reluctant to go out, but do not want to go shopping, which is a very bad thing for the store’s business. After the baptism of rain field, winter came. So, as the retail customers in the north, in the course of the operation should pay attention to what the details, so that consumers can feel warm even in winter?

I believe that people should warm warm heart. First of all, in the cold winter, retail customers can adjust the shop decoration, choose red and yellow warm color decoration, consumers shopping for a psychological suggestion, let it feel warm.

second, cold weather, retail customers can provide a cup of hot water, a newspaper, a free WiFi shopping for consumers, so that consumers can rest, warm up while shopping in.

again, if you encounter rain and snow weather conditions, retail customers can provide umbrellas and raincoats for consumers, let them in the rain and snow weather can also rest assured shopping.

finally, can use QQ, WeChat and other communication platform, and vigorously promote the online booking, telephone booking, and provide free delivery service, so that consumers can stay at home to buy the right goods.

a shop want to do a good job, naturally also need to spend more money to manage the owner, after all, the current market competition is extremely fierce. In short, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, as the retail customers, only put yourself in the other’s shoes for consumers, from small start, start from the details, provide considerate services for consumers, in order to win more consumers.