aims to build China’s first video portal excited network recently replaced the domain name, its original domain name is replaced by This is the website after the January 22nd revision of the channel after another major initiatives. Reflects its determination to build the first video portal.

excited network is a well-known media investment institutions GROUP group (MEGAJOY), a wholly owned subsidiary, is also one of the core business of the excitement group. Excited net relevant responsible person Fu Haobo, excited net was founded in February 2005, is committed to the integration of "media newspapers, movies, television, Internet, mobile phone and other digital media resources; trying to achieve a" production, distribution, construction of an infinite "from the content integration, platform operation to the issue of the distribution in one of the new media company."

It is reported that

, excited net launched in January 22nd "new", after the revision of increased from 12 to 20 of the original channel channel, add news, science and technology, finance, military, legal, shopping and other channels. The person in charge of Fu Haobo, currently the site has reached a worldwide cooperation in the more than and 300 film and television production institutions, so that the richness of the content of the channel to be reliable protection.

replacement of the domain name, Fu Haobo said, mainly due to the user experience, the new short domain name regardless of memory or input are very direct. He said, "the content of the current domestic video portal, called the first. And now the change in the form of the domain name is not only to allow users to feel excited about the content of the network, but also to make them feel excited network easy to use." According to reports, the current number of registered users excited network is 6 million, while Fu Haobo said it hopes to have a major breakthrough this year. An industry believes that with the approaching footsteps of the Olympic Games, the domestic intellectual property environment will be more perfect, which provides opportunities for the development of video portals.