website promotion methods varied, even do not know what is the real effective promotion methods, just blindly to do promotion, that do will have effect, know some website promotion method is outdated, not by netizens recognized, with the kind of website promotion method will be a waste of manpower and material resources. Should seize the Internet now popular tools for website promotion, more effective, now micro-blog is an interactive and fast spread tool, spread faster than even the media faster, this is not a new website promotion method


nowadays, micro-blog is popular in China, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, etc. are competing for micro-blog’s market share, they contend for them, we will use it to promote our website. The micro-blog how to make better use of the website promotion, it will also be a question worth pondering, and see below I share some tips for micro-blog to do site promotion, of course, I dare not say absolutely effective, but still have certain effect.

use micro-blog to promote the site, nothing more than to achieve the purpose of promoting the site, it is necessary to choose the key words on the good. Key words not only to mention the hot key words but also to promote the website keywords, so that it will be easier to search and increase the need to promote keywords exposure. Select the key words is not to say that everyone is talking about the topic of heat, it is chosen to do the popular keywords, which have to pay attention to the correlation.

is now Christmas is coming, everyone is talking about "Christmas", you may also talk about the "Christmas" and then combined with your web site keywords for promotion? This is unrealistic ah, you talk about "Christmas" is only a simple talk published, to improve their popularity and reach consensus into the inside to promote, not blindly, but ignore the audience, that will only The loss outweighs the gain. For example, you are promoting the "Guangzhou website construction" this keyword, we should select some of the key words related to the site to promote.

said above are the key approach, there is to do a good job of micro-blog internal information changes, like the micro-blog name selection, should be associated with the promotion of keywords, URL set to be concise, but people can remember, just like a website as important to fill in personal information, should be appropriate to join keywords. With the promotion of micro-blog website, must consider the audience, keep interaction with others, enhance the activity of their. For the audience, effective, valuable information, it is important to share some good information to the audience, you will achieve the purpose of promotion effect.