these two days, "let the taxi subsidy more violent" call spread circle of friends. All the leaders never share taxi money. Raiders and even the emergence of cheating taxi a variety of methods. The driver carrying passengers, false orders get double subsidies jietouanhao from "carrying two bags of cement, I was drunk puked" to "Tonight no underwear Smecta" tricks. This gives the anti cheating methods mostly rely on the speech set the "Keywords" shield taxi software useless.


so-called taxi cheating, that is, we commonly used in a taxi behavior two times the use or use of the two taxi software, get a subsidy of two. Different scenes, also be the most changeful cheating method. For example, sitting opposite me last night to sit on the car after the car, and the driver with the half-way off with a quick call again. Get didi subsidies 16 yuan, fast subsidies of $13.


February 25th, Didi taxi announced in the new anti cheat technology running for 2 days, a total of 20 thousand drivers arrested 20 thousand cheating cheating orders, caught cheating drivers and passengers, shall be banned account. 20 thousand drivers, mean an average of 10 thousand drivers and passengers every day cheating. If a long time in the past, with an average of 20 yuan per month to recover the subsidy calculation, Didi taxi day will be able to subsidize the use of 200 thousand yuan to the user really regulate the body, a year is $about 70000000.

to third groups of more than 1 billion of the subsidies, Didi taxi are not willing to take the 70 million year of the subsidies, but this "steal" subsidies, activities against original intention, it is a violation of the rules of the game "taxi software". After didi said taxi driver software is brushing behavior, once found will be punished even titles, a driver can not continue to brush single and not to be found, the driver and passengers are real names.

from 2 days to see the effect of a single 20 thousand, Didi taxi new anti cheating technology is still a certain effect. According to Didi’s friend said, now didi orders will be carried out by locating the driver and passenger, voice recognition, historical archives record driver comprehensive reference three aspects to determine whether there is a taxi orders cheating behavior. This reduces the likelihood of cheating to a minimum, greatly increasing the threshold of cheating.

It is reported that in addition to

, Didi taxi, the traffic control department also cheat in the campaign subcontract, traffic enforcement corps daily law enforcement work is one of the drivers to see if there are subcontracting behavior, if found illegal, in addition to punishment, and may directly cancel the driver’s qualification contract. In addition, the taxi operators also have the inspection team, if found the driver subcontract or the single bus driver to freely look for other drivers to implement double bus operations, will be handled immediately.

taxi software, the rise of less than 2 years, it has opened up the country’s major cities rental market "Ren Du two pulse", "