people living in the Internet world, have more or less visited in many countries still controlled pornographic sites. It is difficult for us to gain insight into the development of such sites, because the exact data are few and far between. To be sure, there is no shortage of pornographic web sites. Facts have proved that the speculation is correct, because according to Google’s advertising service provider Doubleclick data show that the number of independent visits in the top 500 sites, but there are a number of is an adult website!


There are 4 billion 400 million visits to

the world’s largest pornographic website Xvideos per month, this figure is 3 times the CNN website or visit the special broadcast sports television network ESPN 24 hours, 2 times the social news site Reddit. YouPorn, Tube8 and Pornhu of these large porn sites, the visitors can also make in addition to Google and Facebook and other large web sites are small inferior by comparison.

from the amount of visits, we can only come to the conclusion that porn sites are more popular than non pornographic websites. 4 billion traffic sounds is an astronomical figure, but when you put the user in porn sites do account, you will find that the size and scale of porn sites should not be overlooked.

site scale

The main difference between

porn sites and non porn sites is the time to stay. Engadget and ExtremeTech technology website users average residence time of 3 to 6 minutes, which is enough to allow users to read a few articles; and the user’s stay time in the porn site in between 15 to 20 minutes.

The difference of

between the two is excusable, because most of the website is the main content of the text and pictures, large porn sites are pushing the video content, as everyone knows, watching a video of the time than after reading an article spend. ExtremeTech page data about the size of millions of bytes, but a period of only 200 480× the low resolution of pornographic video, the amount of data per second in 100 thousand bytes, 15 minutes of video can consume about 90 million bytes of traffic. Multiplied by 90 million bytes per month, about of the Xvideos site, it can be concluded that Xvideos needs to process 29PB bytes (1PB=1024TB, 1TB=1024GB) per month, or 50GB bytes per second.

in short, pornographic websites need to deal with massive data every day. In the pure bandwidth (the amount of data can be transmitted per unit time), the United States can compete with only the video site YouTube or Hulu. The size of the porn site is so big that it’s hard to imagine that second of the YouPorn’s bandwidth is greater than