logistics company because of the existence of commercial competition, a computer networking company to snatch customers resources to hire hackers using DDOS method of large area invasion, resulting in Weifang 40 Wanwangtong not normal Internet users in July. In August 30th, with the 3 suspects were formally arrested, serious cases of Weifang City Public Security Bureau police detachment successfully cracked Weifang Netcom metropolitan area network suffered hacker attacks. The case is the first case of DDOS hacker attacks in Shandong.

40 Wanwangtong user network suddenly

the morning of July 17th, a network company staff Ms. Wang came to the office as usual, when she opened the computer after ten minutes, the input several times their regular on site, but how also can not connect, and Weifang some of the local site can be connected. Ms. Wang found that more than a dozen computers within the company can not appear on the phenomenon of the network. A building in Beihai Road, a company’s network also appeared not on the connection due to the phenomenon, transfer documents to the Ji’nan Corporation, the company every afternoon, but in July 17th the company more than 30 computer are unable to connect to internet. Ask the customer service that Netcom Netcom users, has already received a lot of inquiries, 40 Wanwangtong users in the city almost all appeared in the network connection is not smooth phenomenon.

18, Weifang Netcom network is still paralyzed. 19, 2009, the 21 day, the majority of the channel is still blocked, a large number of Internet users slow Internet access.

in the morning of July 21st, a few days of network paralysis makes Netcom aware that its network is likely to be hacked. The hacker attacks the Weifang Netcom Company to the outside Internet outlet serious congestion, metropolitan area network for two consecutive days almost completely blocked, Weifang 400 thousand broadband Internet users cannot access the Internet at the same time, most of the network within five days of consecutive block or network traffic congestion, a large number of users can not normally access. 21 am, Weifang Netcom room to the Weifang Municipal Public Security Bureau police.

hackers use DDOS means to invade the networked computer

for Weifang Netcom Internet users, Internet users accounted for the 90% time, rely on the network connection business can not be normal, online trading was interrupted, unable to send letters to the network, causing serious impact on the city’s party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, schools, hospitals.

Weifang Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the case, the network police detachment set up 7.21 task force.

alarm according to the clues provided by the masses and network paralysis, the police determined that the attack would be Netcom network using DDOS network intrusion computer, and then use the control of the botnet attack Netcom server. Through the analysis, the police confirmed, July 17th to 22, the main goal of hacking is a Weifang Logistics Park hosting server, and the logistics park is one of Weifang’s large publishing local logistics information website, the website since 2007 since the establishment in July, it often suffers from.