days ago, YAHOO has appointed former Google executive Marisa · Meijer as president and CEO of YAHOO, this is the third time this year huanshuai. In China, the blink of an eye YAHOO has landed 14 years. This is 14 years, his name is Yahoo China China into YAHOO, the main portal to search by now and return to the portal. This was to maintain many netizens feelings of the website has vertical Chuilao, it seems from the future. Now we recall it once or common makeup


September 1999, Yahoo China officially opened, at that time is very simple, you can take it as a site navigation, the service pattern of all kinds of imitation, search, email, and news website, YAHOO (YAHOO Earth Village), YAHOO my content, the first general manager for Zhang Ping.


in 2000, began to provide personalized content, and try to increase the service content localization, chat rooms, clubs, online teaser, YAHOO briefcase, photo album, constellation and other content, the general manager is still Zhang Ping.


2001, the beginning of the community, and continue to localize the course, the service has increased the number of electronic tribes, dictionaries and other content, the general manager is still Zhang Ping.


in 2002, began to force the SMS, search, entertainment, and began to get involved in music, movies, the main business, entertainment, and speed up the pace of localization can be seen, and now like, on the right side of the landing box, the prototype left left column, second general manager Chen Hong shou.


2003, continue to force the search, entertainment, community service are good, YAHOO has increased the margin etc., this year’s November acquisition of the famous "3721 network", the general manager for Chen Hong keep still.


2004, force search, YAHOO search and 3721 after the merger, a search service has increased (, mailbox capacity increased to 100M, and then increased to 1G, and Sina cooperation e-commerce website a film network ( This year the domestic market share of 38.1% search, the annual revenue of $40 million, net profit of $10 million, becoming China’s largest search marketing service providers. No matter how later, this is YAHOO in Chinese worth writing about a year, because the largest search engine Baidu until second years to reach this number (2005 total revenue of 319 million 200 thousand yuan, or about 39>