NetEase micro-blog will officially close the user moved to light blog LOFTER

sina science and technology news on November 4th at noon news, following the withdrawal of micro-blog micro-blog division, NetEase announced that it will officially shut down. Today, NetEase micro-blog page to remind users to migrate to the light blog LOFTER in order to save the original content, but also means that the original micro-blog micro-blog user relationship chain rupture, NetEase will no longer exist.

it is reported that NetEase micro-blog page today officially reminded the user: NetEase micro-blog will migrate to LOFTER, the use of LOFTER’s moving function, to save your little bit in micro-blog." Sina Technology, the main active users NetEase micro-blog pages for the public account, and entertainment NetEase account released by micro-blog, the forwarding, comments and points like the function of traffic is almost zero, indicating the user’s activity is very low.

and NetEase micro-blog LOFTER is prompted by the 2011 launch of the light NetEase blog business, its prototype is the United States Tumblr. After moving to LOFTER, NetEase automatically open the original account through the light blog business, but also includes micro-blog class information flow display.


NetEase micro-blog business jump to light blog, which means to give up the former, previously the NetEase will micro-blog business, light blog and email integration, hoping to mail the number of users and activity to pull the other business, but it has little effect.

NetEase micro-blog users "Li Bubai Y" said: "I think the light NetEase blog life is not long, and is very similar to the penguin space, a man in the garden after playing the feeling. There is no advantage of the rapid spread of micro-blog. As early as possible to take root sina." (Nora)