1. do stand, theme must choose to

what is the theme of the election? Hot topic is not for you to open Baidu, just to find one, nor see others do good, in the TITLE look, copy some, your site’s theme, we must find your ideal, or your hobbies, or your industry knowledge is close to

For example, the original

bird in Taobao sold over a period of time, compared to understand some of the basic situation of the network, so it is responsible for the site graph king www.taobaowang.com, although do not see very well, but at least I know some process, at least the column is more professional, and completely no relevant knowledge support, a station from the very beginning is the failure of

2. do stand will collect

1W collected many articles just started a collection of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ but not many, I suggested that most new acquisition 2W most, because too much, Baidu will know is rubbish station

but the article is not wrong

3. update a little article every day, if you do not have the energy to update each column, it is recommended to open a news section, it’s some of the news every day for a few minutes to pile up a few · ~~

search if you know every day update, will come every day, and over time, the spider will be more and more

I do the key word of im360.cn, 2 consecutive weeks a day to update the article, modify the 20 article ~ ~ ~ ~ how to open the shop this keyword, do the first Baidu · ~~

don’t be afraid of ugly, 500IP station can put GG advertising!
4. now GG and Baidu text display click ads can be put together ~ ~ ~ so we try to arrange, look at how to look comfortable, after all, more than ~~~

is now eBay in addition to pay per click advertising ~~~50 yuan /1000IP effect and income is not worse than Ali alliance Taobao, we can also apply to the ~

In fact, these are the bird

own experience and inspired many friends see examples of success in the Admin5 group, a friend of the site, for 3 months, now every 30 knives, and is not cheating, but the project is good, but also carefully edited content, promotion is more to

about making money:

is now doing the station did not have previously earned, but please believe that a point is, if done properly, carefully done, to maintain a person’s expense, or no problem, there is a small webmaster, or do not understand some Adsense advertising alliance, I see as fall behind what ah advertising plate, do better in advertising before, the bird personally recommended you to the inside of the Admin5 Alliance Daquan (http://s.ww>