Temple library 707 anniversary celebration day, is located in Beijing Yizhuang Temple library Asia Pacific R & D base is everything in good order and well arranged busy, in order to quickly and accurately deliver goods to the hands of users, temple library identification and Certification Center for 24 consecutive hours of each outbound goods identification and certification, to ensure that every luxury goods sales in Temple library shopping centers have 100% fidelity.


Temple library identification and certification center to 8 years of big data and identification technology accumulation, is committed to solve the most concerned about the pain points of consumers. The beginning of the creation of the invitation of the Japanese luxury watch appraisers Mr. Miki Yohei and the American Gemological Institute senior engineer GIA GJG Christopher joined in 2011, when the temple library received the IDG capital investment in the first round, regardless of many external opposition, will be up to 80% of the funds invested in the center, rather than on how to elevating the performance of digital in the short term, to investors on the account number.


global industry experts gathered 24 hours uninterrupted identification

Temple library for all sales of goods to identify 100 percent certification, the brand side of the direct supply of goods should also be strictly sampling, the annual Temple library identification investment on more than 50 million yuan." Li Rixue told reporters.

"by receiving inspection and Identification Center staff, detector and expert level identification of the 4 grade test, ensure that every piece of luxury goods sales in the original temple library. Many people ask us how to identify the luxury, have what tricks? We rely on science and technology, is completely. For example, in the bag, the hardware is the most difficult to counterfeit. Temple library is not by matching the shape, color, which is relatively easy to look at the wrong way, but through the temple library special custom metal element analyzer. This instrument can acquire various metal elements in metal parts in proportion, such as 14.83% Cu (copper), 1.43% Zn (zinc), only the metal elements in proportion to the official data elements can be identified as genuine matching. If you want to do the metal parts of the metal proportion is also done, the cost of this copy is far beyond the genuine."


it is understood that the temple library identification and Certification Center is Asia’s largest luxury identification certification base, at the same time in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hongkong, Shenzhen have the luxury appraisal team, this year’s 707 anniversary event, the temple library will cover more than and 10 areas of experts Kam team build-up, including senior experts from the United States, Japan, Hongkong, the overall average of more than 15 years experience. In order to support cross-border business better, temple Library Group joint New York, Milan and other overseas professional accreditation bodies, formed a coalition of global luxury identification, commitment to consumers to buy luxury goods 100% guaranteed authentic, to create a safe and carefree > for consumers