recently, Alibaba founder Jack Ma once again become a star, in March 16 day trip to the United States, he high-profile sends a signal: "the United States will do business", the expansion of Alibaba in the United States market territory.

at this time, another China e-commerce enterprises, Alibaba’s rival, HC, but the interpretation of another international roadmap. recently announced to the outside world, and the American research institutions jointly established "D & B group HC our study", after more than 4 months of adjustment, new operating system construction has been completed, the company into the regular operations.

"we and the competition of Alibaba and not outsiders imagine so fierce, the field of electronic commerce competition is not alternative competition, we hope to be able to work together to expand the market of electronic business affairs, especially in the B2B market." HC CEO Guo Jiang said in an interview with reporters, paid more attention to the domestic market, while the Alibaba pay more attention to the foreign trade market, the high-profile announcement to enter the United States is also reasonable.

last October 22nd, HC announced research institutions under the HC Research Institute and Bradstreet group set up a joint venture company, HC Holdings 70%. The introduction of Deng hundred’s huge global data sources and data processing infrastructure, the performance of professional knowledge, business market research company "HC our study" will be greatly improved, but also to further solve the Bradstreet localization problem.

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ingenious, it can make use of D & B in the global marketing network, its business tentacles global. It is reported that, in the joint venture company set up in less than 3 months time, industry research report has been realized by the DNB in Japan, South Korea and the United States sales.

The outside world for the interpretation of

HC of the new joint venture company around "to enhance the research ability of service industry" and "internationalization" the two major concerns. In fact, the move lies a more forward to explore the significance of the conjecture — enterprise credit problems solve the problem of B2B business, the implementation of new generation B2B upgrade.

is different from B2C, C2C, B2B trading volume is huge, the risk is high, the credit problem has been a bottleneck restricting the development of B2B, which led to the domestic B2B market has been lagging behind the development of B2C and C2C." Guo Jiang said, HC has been exploring through the establishment of credit model and report model, solve the problem of asymmetric information of enterprise credit.


is not the first attempt to Denver enterprise credit market companies. In early 2007, there are four Alibaba doing business in the "net to rely solely on the" network integrity, epoch-making received 1 million 200 thousand yuan of loans construction bank loans through e ". Kingdee Group Chairman and chief architect, founder of the group Xu Shaochun also recently said that the current network of Jin Dieyou online management service mode offered to small and medium business data mining become more operational, these data can be used to solve.