lead: this afternoon, Chi class network held a press conference in Beijing, in addition to announced the completion of the A round of financing, intellectual class network also announced some development plan for the next.

this afternoon, the wisdom of the network held a press conference in Beijing, in addition to announcing the completion of the A round of financing, the wisdom of the network also announced some of the next development plan.

online courses in Beijing in February this year, is part of the innovative partners from the company. In June this year, the start state of their reports (and Chi class network chat with online education: the founder of online and offline), has described main mode innovation partners: there’s a very wise correction (launched in August 2013) and Chi class network two products, which focus on correcting the very wise online education link, "practice" to Crowdsourcing provide online oral English, writing marking service; Chi class network is focused on online education "learning" link, the record in the form of classroom of IELTS and TOEFL exam training services abroad.

grade online line in the very wise at the beginning, innovation partners has revealed that they have gained 10 million yuan angel investment, in the last interview with Chi class network CEO Wei Xiaoliang also revealed that the A round of financing is nearing completion, and officially announced in the news today, Chi class network A round of financing has been completed, investment the other is to have online education to Baidu, for the amount of $10 million 600 thousand, which is in the school education in the field of A round of financing a larger amount. It is also Baidu third companies have invested in the field of online education, the strategy of Baidu in 2013 had invested pass class network, and came with $30 million acquisition of a wholly-owned the news in early August this year; in July this year, Baidu also participated in the universal education C round of financing.

Chi class network is the third company Baidu investment in the field of online education, in Wei Xiaoliang’s understanding, the focus of this round of financing in the "capital", Baidu’s participation can bring to the chi class network and their ecosystem Imagination: in addition to traffic, many Baidu services such as Baidu video Baidu, Baidu cloud, brain ecology, Baidu direct number etc. are all combined to realize and online education.

After the arrival of the

financing account, Wei Xiaoliang said after the layout of the network will be mainly concentrated in the following five categories:


1 product direction, very intellectual correcting and intellectual class network are currently focusing on the PC side, and then gradually on-line mobile terminal products; in the last interview, Wei Xiaoliang mentioned the intellectual class network is developing a wearable device to break through the online learning dimension, in today’s press conference, Wei Xiaoliang also mentioned that Baidu in September 3rd just released in the Baidu World Conference on BaiduEye, connect the world with the vision, the description of Wei Xiaoliang, Chi class network "mystery lab" being developed should be a helmet type application, online learning, by creating a visual effect to make up for the shortage of learning atmosphere, and can and% >