November 27th news, recently, a terrible secret from a source where CNNIC will follow the trend of prices next year, the CN domain name to up to 99 yuan! This news is like the ground zhalei, will put a lot of people intimidated. This year, what would like to rise, rising prices, housing prices rose, rose COM, finished CN also rose almost endless!

why CN will rise from 1 yuan to $99, I think the reasons are as follows, CN domain agents can not afford to fast estimate. Because of this year 1 yuan to implement the CN domain name registered with the experience, the increase in the number of, but if next year low, see CN domain that agents at all levels can not sit, because if the continued low prices, these agents next year what to feed themselves? In the eyes of these people, the original price was 100, this can be regarded as a basic recovery of the original price of 99. The whole world knows that a shrewd businessman is not a fool.

like agents, rice farmers will secretly titter about it. The reason is simple, the cost of 1 yuan will lower CN m value, no value, but also cast a minon what information? No investment, it can not sell rice earn money. Only registered prices go up, prices can rise. Although the price increases, the cost is high, however, the high output of high input ah, this truth is still quite popular in modern society.

, however, I also think that CN rose so high, or a bit hard. After the baptism of 1 yuan, many users with CN domain name has the first intimate contact, shop, blog, e-mail with awfully. To be honest, CN prices, for them, a bit cruel, but it also belongs to the acceptable category. No money is at most one can not afford to pay no money. The people who do not feel the pain of this money, after all, the old domain name is not a thing, not to mention the price is slightly lower than the COM.

this is the message I get, long winded a few words a little in my opinion, as for next year’s market what is not, when he opened the red scarf, what is likely to happen. So we have to wait a while, wait and see! The following message friends leave a message, thank you: