at present, there are loopholes in the 40% sites, hackers exploit vulnerabilities on the site to tamper with the 20%, the server is implanted in the back door, billions of personal information was leaked…… 23, 360 Internet Security Center released the 2015 annual Chinese website security report, said the report, Chinese biggest loophole of broadcast and display platform Butian vulnerability platform, because the website vulnerabilities for a year or 5 billion 500 million to face information disclosure, and website vulnerabilities repair rate is less than 10%. Yangzi Evening News reporter Xu Xiaofeng

in 2015 was the 6 largest city

vulnerability attack

Beijing 290 million Suzhou Zhengzhou the 150 million time the 150 million time in Qingdao the 140 million time the on the 110 million

cumulative attack 1 billion times

1 tens of thousands of sites have the vulnerability to fix the rate of less than 10%

said the report, from January 1, 2015 to November 18th, the sky platform contains all kinds of website security vulnerabilities 37943, involving 26370 sites. Security experts Bao Yu said that the weak password has accounted for second types of vulnerability, a lot of site managers using the "" such a simple password, it is easy to guess.

, in fact, as long as the program is written by people, there may be loopholes, as long as the timely repair, to a large extent to avoid information leakage." The sky vulnerability response platform expert Bao Yu introduction, although the vulnerability is frequent, but the site vulnerabilities repair rate is too low, is a major problem facing the current site safety. The sky platform in website security vulnerabilities received a white hat report, will be the first time through the official website to provide contact details to report vulnerability and related websites. But in 2015 the statistics show that the site after receiving the relevant vulnerability report, the average repair rate is still not more than 10%, some industries and even less than 5%. Compared to other industries, as the Internet Era "pocketbook" managers, the financial industry to repair website vulnerabilities more attention, leading the repair rate, it only reached 17.3%.

2 hacking site Beijing Jiangsu most injured

hacker attacks on the site, including the use of loopholes in the invasion of the site, the site launched traffic attacks, or implanted Trojans in the site, guide users to malicious web site. The report said that this year a total of 360 sites to intercept a variety of site security vulnerabilities to attack the, from the launch of the vulnerability to attack the geographical distribution of IP, the IP of the attackers from the territory of the territory of the 90.2%, the attack from outside is $9.8%.

from the territory of the attackers IP geographical distribution, 31.5% from Zhejiang, in the first place, followed by Jiangsu, Beijing, Jiangxi, Hebei, Guangdong, and. From the geographical distribution of foreign attackers IP, 43.5% from France, followed by the United States, Holland.

from the vulnerability to attack the geographical distribution of IP, 95.7>