excellent and easy network events continue to simmer, investors quilt of more than 2000 funds, the remaining 100 thousand were frozen in the third party payment account.

December 25th, the excellent and easy network cooperation respectively from the third party payment institutions in China pay treasure, IPS exclusive, China Fu Bao and IPS respectively at 22 days, 24 days to freeze the excellent and easy network corresponding account, the freezing of funds of nearly 30 thousand and more than 7 yuan. (see the newspaper on December 25th "excellent and easy network events and P2P network accident" deserted "tens of millions of investors funds" the depth quilt)

in 21, "we understand the situation, to suspend settlement services, excellent and easy network not on our account withdrawals. And so after the message is closed immediately recharge channel." In December 25th, pay treasure risk control department manager Zhou told this newspaper that.

website information display, investors will invest the money allocated to yooee network through two ways, one is directly through the bank transfer to the account for the excellent and easy network company (Jiangsu Nantong bank Gangzha branch of ICBC), the other is to pay treasure and IPS recharge through the third party payment institutions in china.

from the third party payment agencies to provide data, the investment bank of the people’s Congress directly choose to play. Since August our new online line, through the country to pay treasure and IPS recharge funds were more than 300 and 1 million respectively. The excellent and easy network and the total transaction volume of 71 million 160 thousand, accounting for less than 5.7%.


signed a service agreement. And the investor said, "in the bidding process, payment by the company commissioned third party custodian bank". At present, the only company to verify the excellent and easy network account for the Gangzha branch of ICBC, the third party payment bound bank for bank accounts.

reporter ICBC Gangzha branch, to verify whether the signed fund custody agreement with excellent and easy network, a caoxing director said "never signed the agreement with the excellent and easy network, other issues are not clear."

fact, excellent and easy network from the third party payment account withdrawals will account for the money is also mentioned in the final, "money is in the bank, but the bank is freezing and how much money in the bank deposit, we don’t know." According to the state to pay an internal memories of treasure, the State paid treasure frozen on the same day, the financial sector had contact with ICBC, indicating that the situation. But the terms of the bank said, frozen accounts need to receive official documents of the judiciary.

this case shows that the third party payment institutions can not play a role in the P2P industry, capital monitoring role. From the country to pay treasure and cooperation agreement signed yooee net, China pay treasure to provide RMB payment and settlement services for yooee gateway network, the service fee rate is 0.35%.

Fu Bao said that cooperation is limited to investors recharge settlement funds to send money and excellent and easy network, website to the borrower to pay treasure around the country did not participate, but did not contact the borrower. Ring fast payment manager