] October 10th news billion state power network, 2014 double 11 Carnival Taobao part shop registration venue from September 25th onwards has been gradually opened. The day before, learned billion state power network, taobao.com official discloses underwear venue layout, page 11 during the double play, rules and time schedule.

Taobao announced rules show that the double 11 underwear shop must be the main venue category for "ladies underwear / men’s underwear / Home Furnishing service" market sellers, and main products accounted for more than 50%, while the store level must be in 4 above drilling. In addition, the report points set up shop B must be less than 6.

in a single product, Taobao requirements, the venue of the national shipping goods (except for Hong Kong and Macao and remote areas), single product activities price for a price of 50 percent off, and lower than the lowest price took nearly 30 days; the single product the last 30 days the number of transactions is not less than 5 pieces of goods, inventory at the same time not less than 300.


according to Taobao’s exposure of the picture shows, underwear venue will be divided into three parts: sea view room, a single product area and store area. Sea view room which is divided into two lines, each line has 4 pits, a single product area has 20 lines, a total of 100 pits, and the store area is also the 20 line, the 100 pit. Activities in the store and a single product will be displayed by the horse promotion system, according to the warm-up and activities during the store operations data sorting, and the initial ranking of nearly 12 months of turnover and combined with the history of promoting performance.

In addition to

, Taobao underwear also introduced a collection store to send red envelopes, sign shop to win the lottery and the whole audience gold coins and other means of play, which is the same as the whole network of Taobao 11 games are basically the same.


also learned billion state power network, interested in participating in the activities of the sellers must register in September 25th to October 12th, commercial registration will begin in October 13th. Taobao will review and confirm the activities of the seller’s qualification. Enter the double 11, Taobao underwear will according to the venue during the warm and mobile shops and the venue single product operation data for goods ranked in descending order.