The word "

" for Taobao customers in the industry is very familiar and very strange, why say so? It seems that Taobao customers in many sellers sucking their large funds, while Taobao customers feel very unjust, because Ali mother chargeback components more and more.

if 2003 a lot of people because of the correct choice of the road Taobao won the first pot of gold, then Taobao customer benefits can be said to be second gold. Today, the back of the net to make a small series together with you, a new understanding of Taobao.


Taobao off, if you want to give a definition, then I would like to use such a word to define: Taobao is defined by means of the promotion of norms to promote the success of the promotion of Taobao products to get the benefits of the crowd. In other words, this kind of people is mainly to promote the Taobao goods, of course, now derived from the pat guest, Jingdong, etc.. Current mainstream, or Taobao guest.


now has become increasingly become one of the popular ways it is belonging to Wangzhuan, Ali mother (Taobao alliance)’s products, mainly is to let Taobao help Taobao off the promotion of goods sellers, Taobao customers can be based on their own promotion effect of commodity effectiveness to obtain Commission, Taobao sellers can get more customers, in order to achieve win-win situation between the two. And now, the number of Taobao customers growing trend, then in the face of such a situation Taobao customers in the end what are the ways to promote it?

The primary method of Taobao

customers to promote the promotion of money or website, its main form is SEO, which is the use of the so-called keyword guide mode, thus to attract customers attention, and guide customers to purchase, also called shopping guide. Of course, in addition to shopping guide platform is also the site, such as net push, the establishment of a seller and a Taobao customer coexistence platform, mutual heating, each one takes what he needs can gain through the platform, and take a cut or advertising fee, and sellers on the platform or Taobao customers are also worth mentioning, access to more opportunities to make money.

for Taobao customers, the scope of the promotion is to determine their own decisive factor for obtaining the number of the Commission, so in the Forum on the necessary sales strategy for goods is also essential, for example, in order to attract consumers eyeball, can be in the title of a maverick, such as Taobao customers to promote the commodity for the popular mobile phone, mobile phone can use this title the most attractive areas, such as appearance, waterproof body process as the theme of these awakened propaganda, as long as there is a natural gimmick, consumers will have to watch your promotion information.


furthermore, with the development of new media, Taobao customers tend to diversify the form of diversification. Prior to QQ group promotion, space promotion, blog promotion, micro-blog large promotion, and now has a WeChat marketing, the form can be described as multifarious. In all kinds of ways to promote the general proposal to choose a suitable way to their own, the ability is not enough if not too wide.

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