Abstract: social news website Digg veteran from the ashes, the reader and the content producers want to build two-way communication bridge.


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titanium media note: news sites want to improve user activity, most will choose to operate the idea of the user community, but rather a headache. Social news platform Digg provides a very valuable reference. Look at the titanium media compiled Digg community operations case, the original report from the technology media The Verge:


[Edit] / Chen Qianmin / translation, many news sites will be on the comment area operation quite a headache, or no reply, or return the contents of the quality is not high.

news website Digg is also trying to solve the trouble on the line just a "keep network comments" plan — yes, that Reddit was born earlier than the social news website, called the originator of the social network, it has developed into one of the best collection of high-quality news aggregator website information. This Friday, Digg launched Digg Dialog latest products, which literally means "Digg dialogue", this new tool can create conditions for dialogue between authors, editors and readers, the dialogue will focus on the theme of the news cycle long feature articles and other special reports.

The first

Digg Dialog dialogue after the product line, according to columnist Paul Ford will be released in the U.S. News magazine "the New Republic" (The New Republic) on a feature article about Wikipedia. Users can use Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account associated with a registered user name, and then you can ask the writer.

Digg design director Justin · (Justin Van Slembrouck) introduced in the future will launch a comprehensive improvement of Digg iOS applications, will be added to the Digg Dialog two-way dialogue function. Van Sly Block said, this model will ask the popular edition of "different from Reddit’s Ask Me Anything" kind of boundless, it is more like a seminar in real-time. The user can focus on real-time updated content and has answered the question of the dialogue, the online community will be voted out "the most popular Digg" problem and set like the largest response.

Digg to explore the online discussion function can be described as appropriate. At present, the network media to carry out dialogue is often too highbrow but not the readers of all ages, eventually had to give up, there will be nothing to discuss the value of the content ceded Facebook, apple and Google, the technology giant.