1 Ali shares are facing a ban on investors to sell short selling  


in September 15th, when the Alibaba group (New York stock exchange code: BABA) in September last year, IPO (initial public offering) listing, the group sold 2 billion 500 million shares of approximately 600 million shares in circulation in which more than 300 million shares, in March this year has been out of the "lock", "lock" the remaining 1 billion 600 million shares will later this month end.

short selling investors have been flocking to short the stock. As of August 31st, the total shares of Alibaba selling group has more than 74 million shares, compared with an increase of two weeks after a stage of nearly 16 million shares, the highest since the highest level since listing of IPO group.

2 of these companies in college freshmen, the most mobile phone companies, but state-owned enterprises are licensed

business is reshaping the so-called "ivory tower" because they are important to young consumers. Yes, businesses do not want to lose at the starting line.

On the way to

‘s report, Lu Wenwen, a freshman at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, was stuffed with more than and 10 leaflets, a fan, a deck of cards, and a card case.

campus is full of business stalls, a variety of colors of the tent to occupy the main road on the campus, scattered on the ground to trample on a variety of leaflets and advertising pages. She was stopped from time to time, asked to scan code concern micro signal.

Zheng Hai two days ahead of time from Sichuan, Neijiang, and parents sit in the train for the next 30 hours to reach Beijing, "too big, too blocked, the air did not imagine so bad." This is his first impression of Beijing. After waiting for 1 hours, he sat on the school bus, came to the campus of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in Haidian District, where the completion of the registration process will be more than 3 thousand freshmen.

3 Internet operators necessary for the 12 tools  

as Internet operators, in order to really do a good job of operation, to master some of the professional tools and knowledge is very necessary. The following is based on the operation of the main contents of the work, to share some of the commonly used tools and sites, which cover all aspects of the operation of the operation, I hope to be engaged in the operation of products to help friends. Product manager these dogs should also look at.

4 latest news: QQ public platform limited beta, September 16th 14 points to open on time to grab

(admin5.com) A5 station network September 15th news: buddies, QQ public platform for long-awaited finally coming, Tencent official has issued a limited beta news.

what is the QQ public platform Tencent official description is: QQ>