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AB station has become otaku portal, but they are difficult to replicate the success of

short-term Japanese teacher


May 2013, a friend named Yune, on the Japanese Yahoo website registered a reply to the business. The name of the effect of business is to help you register the animation website Bilibili, charges 1000 yen, said after the launch of the business response is very unpopular, even individual peers reported a high of 3000 yen. At the same time, in the Taobao online also appeared in a number of stores selling Bilibili invitation code, the price from 0.9 yuan to 3 yuan, the category average monthly sales of about 20 thousand yuan.

All this is due to

in May 20th, Bilibili adjusted the registration system, newly registered members only enter the invitation code or answer 100 due to the difficulty of metamorphosis and dubbed the "choice China otaku school entrance, can become an official member. One of the great attractions of formal membership is that it can be seen that some have been "harmonious" or even the Internet is difficult to find the video resources.

"Chinese otaku school entrance how hard is it? The other example of this is to make you feel under

#42. asked: "domestic game masterpiece" transfer into the bottom of stone cave trials tomb "in Legend of Sword and Fairy NV is what kind of? A. nine row into a square stone B. five row cross slate C. four row diamond slate D. four in a row of stone."

so, in the area of education Baidu library "IT qualification / certification category, you can find a lot similar to" 2014 the latest version of the Bilibili_ BiliBili _B station _ formal membership exam 8000 questions "document. For example, I saw this, it has been more than 30 thousand people had seen.

is not difficult to see that the registered Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as "B") for "do not understand the Chinese Japanese and no culture Chinese too difficult", the modern answer and resell the invitation code business also is not surprising. But even so, the flow from Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and even the United States continues to pour. According to Alexa data show that this ranking in the country’s seven hundred or eight hundred sites, there are actually 19% of visitors from japan.

Japan magic tide

in 2006, a Japanese called "ha ha" animation site – NicoNico on the line. Like other self integrated Japanese industry, NicoNico quickly replaced the position of Youtube in japan. After the completion of the first year of the beta version, 2007 years PV allegedly has reached a total of 100 million times, the total number of messages up to 10 million. At that time, the amount of network data transmission NicoNico animation took up 1/12 of the whole of Japan!

The important reason for the success of

NicoNico is the first