Beijing News (reporter Zhao Jiani) according to foreign media reports, the United States Court of the local time this Tuesday to Chinese Li Xiang (sound) for sentencing, said the pirated software worth about $100 million, Li Xiang was sentenced to 12 years. In the United States after the end of the sentence, Li Xiang will be sent back to china. Prior to June 2011, Li Xiang was the U.S. government employees to American Saipan of pirated software transactions, was arrested on the spot.

beauty trap China’s pirate king

Li Xiang, 36 years old, Sichuan, Chengdu, known as China’s "pirate king"". From April 2008 to June 2011, Li Xiang through the website and e-mail to more than 300 U.S. buyers from 61 countries and regions, sales of more than and 500 pieces of copyrighted works of pirated products, worth a total of $one hundred million. Buyers even include former employees of the National Space Agency (NASA) and some scientists.

previously disclosed information shows that in early 2010, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security hired agents to buy 5 software products to Li Xiang, including the Satellite Tool Kit (satellite tool kit), for a total value of $150 thousand, but Li Xiang only received thousands of dollars.

later, the agent about Li Xiang meet to talk about business, and it is attracted to the American Saipan. In June 2011, a hotel in Saipan, Li Xiang carry a capacity of 20GB obtained from the American Software Inc of illegal unauthorized files, and was arrested on the spot. According to reports, Li Xiang was in January this year, the district court in Delaware pleaded guilty.

involving nearly 200 companies

according to the lawsuit documents, the price of Li Xiang’s software is less than 5% of the original price of $20, usually ranging from $1200 to $. Pirated software products including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Rockwell, Agilent, SIEMENS and other nearly 200 companies.

, according to media reports, insiders said, is not serious in piracy China enterprise software, most often the situation is the number of enterprise users will increase the license for example, some enterprise users only buy 20 License (license), but the use of 50. In addition, whether it is Microsoft’s personal computer operating system, or enterprise software, there are loopholes in the technology can be cracked.

currently, Microsoft and other efforts to increase the intensity of anti piracy in China, its recent goal is mainly for those who sell the installation of pirated operating system computer vendors.

– doubt

Li Xiang should return home for trial?

yesterday, some netizens to discuss whether Li Xiang should return to trial".

this, China University of Political Science and Law Intellectual Property Center special researcher Zhao occupation yesterday, the Beijing News reporter said that the sale of pirated software is a general criminal