first_img 50 Attorneys General Launch Bipartisan Probe Into GoogleYouTube Fined $170M For Alleged Child Privacy Law Violation Stay on target Google this week announced a new initiative to integrate sustainability into its consumer hardware products.The tech titan—set to turn 20 in September—jumped on the smart-device bandwagon just a few years ago.But every Pixel phone and Home Mini speaker it makes requires a lot of resources and generates even more waste.So Google is going green.“It’s an ongoing endeavor that involves designing in sustainability from the start and embedding it into the entire product development process and across our operations, all while creating the products our customers want,” Anna Meegan, head of sustainability for consumer hardware, wrote in a blog post.The woke company on Monday outlined its efforts to be more environmentally friendly, starting with the short-term goal of making all shipments to and from customers carbon neutral by next year.(That’s far superior to Amazon’s hope of netting 50 percent zero carbon by 2030.)And, starting in 2022, 100 percent of Made by Google products will include recycled materials, with a drive to maximize recycled content “wherever possible,” the firm announced.Just how much of each device will comprise reclaimed parts remains unclear. Though even 1 percent is better than nothing.“These commitments build on the foundation and progress we’ve already made,” Meegan said, pointing to a 40 percent decrease in Google’s carbon emissions from 2017 to 2018.Last year, the company began publishing product environment reports, making public details about what products are made of, how they’re built, and how they get shipped.“We’re always working to do more, faster,” Meegan wrote. “But today we’re laying the foundation for what we believe will be a way of doing business that commits to building better products better.”More on 2020 Unveils Olympic Medals Made From Old ElectronicsSamsung to Ditch Oil-Based Plastic for Sustainable PackagingStarbucks Will Test ‘Greener,’ Recyclable Cups in Stores Soon10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Putting In Your Recycle Binlast_img