market rumors of someone bid $700 million acquisition of is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. In June 15th, Li Guoqing, founder and co president of said, does have overseas companies to olive branch, but he repeatedly stressed that in the short term will not "sale".

Dangdang founder, CO President Li Guoqing


, for Li Guoqing said: "first, Dangdang three years will not sell second, not less than $1 billion." The reason why Li Guoqing is so hard, because of the struggle for ten years, was finally profitable in the near future. According to the electronic commerce analyst Cao Fei Analysys International Statistics, from the beginning of the fourth quarter of last year, has 7 consecutive months of profit.

Cao Fei believes Dangdang earnings at this stage should be more due to the profitability of the publication business. But Cao Fei stressed: "China B2C online retail market at the present stage and future development will focus on the 3C and store market, will still face the game category expansion and profitability, category expansion strategy will determine whether reasonable in the next stage of stable development." This means that, for Li Guoqing, even if Dangdang does not sell, will face enormous challenges.