1 network anti plagiarism, far more complex than the Copyright Bureau reiterated, lying gun WeChat can bypass it?

in April 22nd, the National Copyright Administration issued a "notice on regulating the copyright order of the network reprint", reproduced the authorization of the media norms. Although the above notice is more to the original legal review and reiterated, but the real world is far more complicated than the provisions, especially the "Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance" left behind "the current article is reproduced in the pit, there is a gray area huge authorization.

Do not take the abstract

network media and traditional media content, perhaps this is the "notice" to give the impression that the most impressive one, which means that the network media can not be unauthorized use of traditional media content.

of course, this is not a new regulation, but the original provisions of the re.

2 is a collection of 10 years! "Moonlight" sold 6 digit

domain name

April 27th hearing, it is understood that the domain name investors Liao with 6 digit sold "Moonlight" domain name yueguangbaohe.com.

it is reported that Liao period in 2005 registered four fight domain name yueguangbaohe.com, until today it was sold. The domain name of the latest whois information displayed on the mailbox is the cause of Investment Co., Ltd. (Beijing) Co., Ltd. enterprise mailbox, the holder of the Pinyin is shaoxiaoran". Shing Shing’s CEO Shao Xiaoran is in line with the pinyin. At the same time, Shao Xiaoran’s net loan platform yueguangbaohe MoonBox CEO.

3 Liu Chuanzhi Shi Yuzhu Lei have entered the net loan industry, grass root do few opportunities for P2P  

net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei said, including millet, Lenovo, Jingdong, Alibaba, Sohu and many other heavyweights have to enter the P2P net loan industry, increasing the threshold, "grass root" P2P little chance. With the rapid development of Internet banking, industry giants will continue to accelerate into the P2P net loan industry.

for the development prospects of the P2P industry, few people skeptical. In addition to venture capital frenzy, many investment chiefs have expressed their concern for the P2P platform by means of equity. Giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu, chairman of the board of directors of Hengda Group, Lenovo Group Chairman, chairman of the board of directors, even millet, are involved in the P2P industry. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters after statistics found that want to get the favor of investment chiefs, mainly in the platform to have certain characteristics and industry segments.

4 clouds won Baidu led the 66 million yuan CN domain name protection  

news April 27th, recently, passenger clouds completed a B round of financing, investment by companies such as Baidu 60600>