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digital let all join in the Internet and focus on the Internet once again with CNNIC research results shows that BDA estimates, as of the end of February, China users reached 225 million, more than 220 million of the United states. The number of Internet users and his large so high user contacts, jumped into the four traditional media and racing together bridle to bridle, even more important than the media and traditional media. Existence and its increasingly important to all marketing people are excited, and the excitement of the more than a bit of a loss – personal webmaster website marketing exactly how to do?

a lot of Internet marketing is simply seeking the most PV, the pursuit of hits. In the era of traditional advertising can not promise quantification, and finally become possible in the Internet era. But if you ignore the brand to the nature of communication and transmission, forgotten and consumer communication you want to transfer to their brand information, the marketing method is a failure, unless the pursuit of brand, is like Hengyuanxiang that challenge the limits of endurance consumer advertising events like the effect of the pursuit of "would rather be scolded, also want to remember".

sum up, network marketing should be the pursuit of the highest level seems to be based on the comprehensive utilization of the Internet media, for as many as possible target consumer groups received brand message.

event marketing, a new breakthrough in personal website

"event marketing" seems to be a good solution. Many popular events on the Internet to make the Internet marketing people are increasingly aware of the "incident" power — if you can make an event that many people are concerned, or by means of a itself has been a lot of people concerned about the incident, in the case of "appropriate" into the brand information, so not only to ensure a high degree of concern. To ensure correct communicate the brand information, it is kill two birds.

a while ago relatively hot is contrary to the two cases. Take Admin5 100 awgu contest this positive example, 100 awgu contest is held by Admin5, the purpose is to test the webmaster webmaster launch of SEO technology, SEO technology to promote competition, the word 100 awgu in Baidu and Google up to the good place. In the holding period, the keyword 100 awgu once to Baidu and Google home, has become a topic in the Internet everyday conversation. And it’s holding the Admin5 has also become the focus of attention. But it is worth in-depth case studies, is the recently popular people despise the "Lan Dong" event, I believe we all know the detailed process of the event.

Lan Dong, a billionaire known as "after 70" Fupo, released a video on the Internet, called "80" and "90", words best insult despise word. "Lan Dong" did her best to show that she was rich, and she used the most provocative and contemptuous words and gestures to help her with her core ideas. Finally, "Lan Dong" fire, in "80>