2015 is coming to an end, a lot of people began to make plans for next year, there are many people in the work of re planning. At the same time, for many graduates are about to enter the community, a variety of recruitment information has become the focus of attention. The Internet industry as a hot industry in recent years has become the choice of many people. To this end, Xiaobian compiled ten excellent temperament Internet Co, for reference.

focus on employee development and welfare 360 among China’s top 2015 employers top three

Qihoo 360 was founded in 2005 by Zhou Hongyi, upholding the supremacy for the public security escort and user concept, now has become the largest Internet security company Chinese.



figure 1:360 internal office environment

360 is rooted in the young innovation team, according to individual needs, provide systematic and extensive training for talent, so that employees get the experience and knowledge of the rich atmosphere of freedom, in addition, 360 focus on innovation, advocating the supremacy of ability. The organization is flat, reflecting the rapid, so that each individual can get enough sustained attention.

360 to encourage employees to build up the company’s reporting on social relations. Pay attention to employee welfare, from the outset of the employee stock ownership plan, after the listing, employee shareholding proportion is as high as 22.3%, and Zhou Hongyi as the founder of the shareholding ratio of 18.61%, is one of the few employee stock ownership than the founder.


figure 2:: 360 among China’s top employers of the top three

of the year 2015

recently, held in Hainan, China’s 2015 annual best employers award ceremony in Sanya, the former employer was also nominated for the top three, and this is the second best among the top 360 employers in China top ten. Zheng Yunduan, senior vice president of Qihoo 360 in the interview also discussed 360 in human resources uphold the conviction, create a superior stage, allows people to change the world".

Baidu provides a broad space for development to focus on training staff innovation ability

Baidu was founded in 2000, Robin Li is committed to providing people with a simple, dependent on the way to get information.


Figure 3: Baidu building

Baidu employee benefits better, the employment relationship is relatively stable, adhering to the "recruit the best person to give maximum space to see the final result, let the talent talent value, talent shows itself" provides a good development space for the employees, pay attention to the cultivation of the innovation ability of employees.

Tencent encourages employees to participate in employee orientation

Tencent in 1998 by Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhidong, Xu >