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account @ beim by marine Putian (China) broke the news, Putian Department of Health Industry Association to all medical institutions issued notice, requiring all agencies association to stop paid network promotion on the internet. Notification requirements:

do not stop for the promotion of the unit, whether it is not a member of the unit, is not the Putian Department of the hospital, the Federation will launch all forces to click, and in the internal bulletin;

once the search engine companies to close the business to take the lead in revenge, will launch all the power to close the account, stop cooperation.

news pointed out that the Department of Putian on Baidu invested a huge amount of advertising expenses, accounting for half of Baidu’s total advertising revenue." Earlier, the Putian municipal Party committee secretary Liang Jianyong said publicly that the total amount of advertising in 2013 is 26 billion yuan, Putian’s private hospitals on Baidu to do a $12 billion advertising."

according to Baidu’s fourth quarter 2014 earnings, the company’s annual network marketing revenues of $48 billion 495 million, accounting for 98.8% of total revenue.

really let the Putian Department of medical bigwigs who made a keen response is the competitive bidding and pricing Baidu deformity. The mobile medical practitioners revealed that in the Baidu platform, each disease should be separated from ppc.

, according to the information provided by micro-blog account @ Gong Wenxiang, many cities in the medical bidding words have risen to cap, to reach 999 yuan per click. In addition, the competition mechanism of disease classification will also lead to vicious competition between hospitals in Putian.

Putian (China) Health Industry Association, the notice clearly pointed out:

now because of the rules of the network bidding, leading to serious problems facing the industry, many medical institutions are working for Internet Co.

data show that the country has a total of 1.13 private hospitals at all levels, the private hospital operators in Putian accounted for about 80%.

insiders pointed out that this is only the Putian Department of medicine for the release of Baidu to negotiate the signal bomb, after all, the two sides are interdependent relationship.

Putian Department of the hospital is mainly engaged in plastic surgery, gynecology and other consumer grade medical, for them, access to the user’s channel is very important. At present, the country has not yet a large platform can be positioned as quickly as Baidu to have plastic, see the needs of male population.

but there is a voice that pure advertising investment is not enough to attract more users. In the consumer medical market, there are a lot of medical O2O is doing online consulting, UGC content recommendation, medical service providers and medical evaluation can be transferred under the line of private hospitals.

in any case, Baidu from the Putian medical body boring big money era has passed.

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