yesterday and several friends to visit in Qingdao organized by the International Consumer Electronics Fair, therefore, specially put on the soft net I specially customized T-shirts, customized 500 bags, some pens.

we are released next to the entrance, we are mainly young people, and business people. Mainly to attract their attention, and now some people do not quite understand the soft, some people will ask, we will be patient to introduce him. Like some uncle aunt, we usually send some ball pen. Because people are old, not a lot of understanding of the network, send them a ballpoint pen, they usually give their children to use, so as to play an indirect role. They have the potential to enter the URL to see what the site is aware of. This is the main crowd we delineated.

in addition, we also specifically looking for a beautiful woman, around the audience send bags. What we encounter garbage picked up by the way, it arouses people’s awareness of environmental protection. There are a lot of friends ask us, what is soft Wen, is what to do. Of course, we are also very happy, at least we have aroused the attention of some people. We patiently answer the inquiries of friends, tell them that the soft is a means of promotion, through the soft Wen can make your products, your site in the network quickly spread, for you to bring huge profits. Soft web is now in the early stages of operation, our goal is to give you a soft platform to improve, we can trade in the above. Demand side and write the composition on the website registration, put forward your needs, the two sides after the intention, start to implement. To achieve the promotion effect, the two sides through the soft web transactions. Soft network acts as an intermediary. During a friend made a clear intention to cooperate. She is doing plush toys, a physical store, has its own shop, has been trying to expand their business online, but online sales has been no improvement, they do not know how to promote, I hope we can cooperate. We are really pleasantly surprised, this is our biggest harvest of this activity.

in the exhibition I think the biggest feature is the high tech China Telecom and mobile phone booth, several "bronze sculpture" is attracted to the scene to steal the spotlight, flash constantly, and these "bronze" is actually the reality. Two "bronze" Telecom exhibition in front of a hand fan, a portable cage, quite a bit leisurely attitude. High tech mobile phone booth in front of the two is a combination of static and dynamic, but also very environmentally friendly, separated by a period of time will be scattered paper collection.

this is actually two live

can be seen everywhere, there are various ways. This activity is only a small amount of cost has received a great effect, after coming back at night, found that by direct input does come in some ip. Welcome to learn from each other. Standing in the mountains of qq:164284926.