Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine, GOOGLE, the world’s largest search engine for the webmaster, which is more important? This article will look at several aspects to analyze the difference between Baidu and GOOGLE on the Webmaster:

first, Baidu and GOOGLE on the site included.

second, Baidu and GOOGLE on the attitude of the station.

third, Baidu and GOOGLE user usage.


and GOOGLE are actually very clear: Baidu in the search results, more commercial, it should be said that the Baidu friendly to the user than GOOGLE, at least GOOGLE not directly in the search results of the first screen inside all commercial. But GOOGLE relative to Baidu, the localization of the work is not enough, many users are accustomed to Baidu. Here is a just spread out from the dimension of the statistical analysis of the user search Baidu and GOOGLE click the mouse when the analysis chart, very clear, we can look at

1, Baidu, GOOGLE on the site included

Baidu and Google on the site included, is completely different, the speed of the collection, it is not the same. Simply speaking, Google is more willing to included a higher weight large pages; while Baidu are included in the new page. Relatively speaking, Baidu pay more attention to the nature of their products included, such as: Baidu, Baidu Post Bar to know, many owners should have been found, finish the new station, to know ourselves from a Baidu, Baidu easily collected, but the speed is very fast, almost in seconds. Google is in accordance with the web page level (PageRank) to be included, as long as the site has a certain level of the web page, Google will quickly included, and no web page level of the site, Google included is very slow, even not included. Baidu is very direct, no matter what, originally comes to, The more, the better. principle, direct collection. Baidu this is not included in the page level of the way there is a lot of trouble, the most important consequence is that a large number of spam sites popular. As long as do a dumpster, Baidu will be included (25000 pages), which is equivalent to disguise to encourage people to do the dumpster, go blind acquisition, and then use these contents, owners can get a lot of traffic at Baidu, when the garbage station rampant, Baidu artificial way sealing station. Two kinds of means which is better? I personally think that this kind of Google included is more scientific.

below is the two picture is submitted in Baidu and Google site page:

1, submit your site to Google: Continue=/addurl