Nora employee assets outflow

CNR network Beijing July 16th news (reporter Tang Ming, intern reporter Li Eryu), according to voice of the economy reported. Astronomical ticket overnight overwhelmed Nora, Nora employees have to use their own way to fight for rights.

media reports, in the form of text messages to inform the staff last week was fast, because the company was punished 260 million yuan may not be reversed, in order to ensure that the interests of employees, negotiated by each department colleagues, employees filed an arbitration proposal, in order to pay compensation in the liquidation procedure, and prompt staff with a good card, sign the arbitration authority.

"world company" today to a Nora staff confirmation, the other said, did not receive this message, but I heard someone in the preparation of labor arbitration.

green dog net labor arbitration lawyer Tang Xiangqian said, Nora suggest the employees themselves to arbitration, the purpose is to make clear further the current debt claims, and ultimately let employees enjoy priority compensation.

lawyer: insufficient assets so much, the company may face bankruptcy, but after the bankruptcy of the rights of employees can’t protect, because the bankruptcy of labor relations can not continue, employees of the social security, wages can not send, he let the staff the arbitration may be considered from several aspects, the staff of arbitration is a priority according to the bankruptcy law, the wages of employees, social insurance, disability benefits and compensation for employees should be the first priority for repayment, so related to the case, consider first the money to employees, Nora may so little money, not enough for 260 million.

Tang forward lawyer also revealed that Nora and employee termination may take direct way, in order to be placed so that employees can get more compensation in labor arbitration.

lawyer: he even took some extreme way, the staff fully released, there is no reason to terminate the employee requires payment of the compensation is 2 times the original, if Nora illegal no reason to dismiss employees, so you can apply for arbitration, requiring Nora compensation double compensation.

, an industry source told the "world", Nora company some employees were relocated to the newly established "Yun Fan century"; on the other hand Nora case plaintiff Tencent Inc are poached Nora part of the original core technical staff, and conduct related business.

for Nora company, the price of more than 260 million yuan ticket.

June 26th, the Shenzhen Market Authority Nora issued administrative penalty decision, a fine of 260 million yuan. According to relevant regulations, Nora company should pay a fine within 15 days, overdue payment, plus a fine of up to a fine of 3% per day.

According to the 3%

of the amount of additional punishment, Nora daily late fee to reach 7 million 800 thousand yuan; as of today, our only payment has accumulated more than 80 million yuan. But industry lawyers said that the money customers can also drag.