Although the "

China type like a swarm of bees" imitation has been flattering, but Groupon still imported in 2010 triggered an unbelievable network cyclone. The threshold is too low and seemingly easy to profit, so that the group began to become more popular mode of e-commerce.

began to appear from 2010 to February, reached a peak in 4 to June, hundreds of group purchase website wind fire fire on the Internet lively, handle network, network, cool group F group, the U.S. group net, net, glutinous rice gradually unveiled. China has also ushered in a time called the "hundred regiments" or even "thousand regiment war" network of the red sea.

remove the independent group purchase website, portal and SNS, Thousand Oaks, stampede in Sohu, Sina, Tencent have to test the water. Other traditional network platform also can not be reconciled, including hao123, 58 city and Ganji, have also launched the group purchase website navigation. For a time, the Internet industry, investors, individual owners and users, are paying attention to buy.

for businesses, the current group buying site has at least two aspects of the role, one is the sales channels, the two is marketing channels. This is online shopping market with 09 years hottest "seckill" and "flash sale" and other activities have different approaches but equally satisfactory results effect. The biggest difference between them is that there are more stringent requirements for the number of buyers, and spike and time limit for the purchase of the time node requirements more clearly. From this point of view, the market will remain hot group purchase group purchase, as a marketing and sales channels will gradually become the major business and shopping platform, and all kinds of media flow with high standard.

despite the whirlwind Chinese to the market brought about by the "money" scene looks beautiful, but behind this business in the infinite beauty of the development of the worries in the group purchase website is on the horizon, some even can be said to be in crisis. At the same time, after more than 3 months of "fire", after at least 30% "Colonel" from "pioneer" running into the ranks of "martyrs".

has a summary of the industry, the current domestic buy site has the following problems:

first, the threshold is too low competition, buy the number of cheating.

network group purchase what almost no trade barriers, in addition to several large web sites have a certain reputation, a considerable part of group purchase website is in "shot for a place" mentality in the business, the low quality of the employees, lack of basic awareness of honest business. It is understood that the market price of a system to buy a site from 3800 yuan, ranging from $5800 to more than ten thousand yuan. Together with the payment system, corporate mail, SMS services, a group buying site costs can be controlled within 10 thousand yuan.

so low cost plus the homogenization of competition, some unscrupulous merchants will play a "live flowers". The number of false group purchase has become the "practice". At the same time, hundreds of thousands of people at the same time ordering a service, sometimes deliberately created on the data high, sometimes in order to exaggerate the advertising effect