Alibaba, Alipay and Tencent caifutong independent domain name, according to the science and technology Tencent was informed that Suning has quietly take the easy to pay treasure the domain name, said that the three spell domain name transaction price of 350 thousand yuan. This marks the related business, Suning will pay for the overweight plate.


in June this year, Suning Appliance’s Nanjing Su Ningyi Fu Bao Network Technology Co. Ltd. was officially the third party payment license and Suning easy to pay treasure with the domain name, and will complement each other, agree on cash flow and information flow.

earlier, Suning in the payment of the long layout, has registered the domain name, in April of this year 2011 results briefing, Suning Appliance deputy chairman Sun Weimin said, Suning has completely can create their own payment section.


last year reached the electricity supplier this year three, Suning has increased in the field of business investment, clear Tesco completed Paul 20 billion at 30 billion yuan sales target for the first half of the sales task is not complete, began in the second half of the force, since the acquisition of 66 million yuan red child, with trade rumors,’s next acquisition the object for Martha Marceau.