according to the public number to party claimed that the Tencent internal put down a relentless: the Tencent immediately close all across the board, including a distribution platform, and grade two and three grade II; as of now, micro payment function 3000 micro mall has been closed; the credibility of this message reached 90%; the three level distribution mall part of the business of the micro payment function has been shut down, users can only pay cash, can not buy.


currently, Tencent official no clear response.


is just hearsay, but the impact of micro business is huge, to see some of the business ideas:

1, it should be shielded from the circle of friends micro business.

2, jittery, high return now.

3, yesterday came out of the new advertising law news, September implementation, is this a prelude to


4, the main purpose may be to remove the clearance payment.

it is understood that in July 5th, WeChat public platform announced new regulations, will be severely punished by WeChat chain, through the implementation of the high cash back rebate payment behavior of the public accounts, such as WeChat, WeChat, permanent Title Treatment, and has the right to refuse to provide services to the operator of the subject.


believes that this behavior is mainly to Consumer Commission cash back rebates, rebates and other multi-level and multilayer cashback (illegal example below), to a certain extent reflects Pyramid fraud, Ponzi scheme and other behavioral characteristics. Its essence is fraud, with high cash back rebates to attract users to participate in the rebate for new users to return the funds to pay for the original user, forming a laminated chain of funds.

announcement cited two examples of violations, it is part of the micro Mall:

1, the amount of consumption of high cash back rebate:



2, multi-level and multi Commission cash back rebate: