clear the purpose of the establishment of the blog, on the basis of the planning column construction.

two, select the registration site

does not recommend installing a blog on your site, so that communication is not enough. You can choose to register in Sina, Sohu, Baidu, etc.. For enterprise website, according to their own industry, choose the registration site.

three, select the user name

The name

is usually selected himself with the name of the project, but unless the project is very impressive, but otherwise easily lead to resentment, but also let people not knowing why it is so natural. For example, you are home to do online movie website, your user name can be "love movie" or "movie"

four, select the domain name


sina will provide personalized blog Dudu domain name, Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other Sohu are now on the engine Chinese Pinyin are very friendly, so the choice of the domain name is the best keyword pinyin.

five, determine the form of

blog built, how do you market your project? Is to write soft Wen promotion, or provide relevant project consulting? The blogosphere is based on trust and trust. To allow others to subscribe to your blog, if others can benefit. So don’t worry about promoting your project.

1. strong correlation: writing and your project is relatively strong degree of the article, consulting, communication can be.

2. hot: according to the Baidu index and Google Trends, select your favorite hot areas, improve the amount of IP blog. In a word, success requires the help of external forces.

Ps: don’t want to hear about is daguanqiang, grassroots grassroots voice, write your own voice.

two, data processing

1. strong correlation: ibid

2. popular: ditto

three, exchange link

and related blog exchange links, or exchange links with friends. This requires you to choose the appropriate user name blog, a brief understanding.

four, reply message

said in front of the blog rely on trust and friendship maintenance, reply to the reader’s message, let him feel that you value him.

five, often updated

for users, often updated blog of course more attractive. Search engine, often updated blog it will often climb you.

six, landscaping

gives readers a visual enjoyment of

seven, keyword optimization

select the article keywords, especially the title key words, let the reader through the search engine to find you.