soft Wen marketing as the most popular a kind of network marketing method, soft is to break the threshold of hard advertising, with strong psychological suggestion to stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. However, many companies know that they do not know why, however, due to the consumer psychology is not allowed to grasp, often missed the opportunity to receive good results. So we are in the process of soft marketing, how do we take care of the needs of consumers to buy, what is the common user psychology? Small compiled the following 6 points for your reference:

1 who are you,


your company profile or the introduction of your store, etc.

2 what are you going to tell me about


product description, how to put in place has become the key, while for different consumers when introduced in different languages. This is why in the marketing process, the so-called people say, what the hell? For example, middle-class consumers tend to focus on the future development of reason, understanding of world vision, no limit to make a decision; careful consideration and confident, willing to take risks, tend to intangible and abstract thinking focus on the bottom; consumers now tend to affect, to the world only to maintain consciousness; narrow, limited, when the decision is made slightly careful, pay attention to the safety, tend to tangible and perception. So when we write the soft paper should pay attention to the different language habits of the audience is not the same.

3 what are the benefits of your products and services?

for example, you can save money, convenient payment, convenient logistics, cash on delivery, and even not satisfied with a full refund, etc..

4 how to prove that you are introduced to the real


through physical photos, certification, authorization certificate to show identity, if there are third party certification will be better.

5 why should I buy it with you

general reason better, we can learn from the advantages of products, sales channels or mode, price advantage and service advantage such as the narrative, such as mobile phone sales network now many businesses due to the sale of the mobile phone price is very low, often since the European version, the U.S. version of the Hong Kong version or other way.

6 why should I buy it with you now?

gives a strong reason to buy, often the seller’s commitment to the buyer, we can also say that the risk borne by the consumer to the seller or the owner. Imagine, just in the sea which visitors log on to our website, will he let him go? This is irresponsible. To do everything possible to let customers buy.

note: the third question, in fact, implies "what is good for me?" is a matter of great importance to both the potential users of the network and the traditional customers. In general, we first introduce the function of the product to satisfy the consumers