from Taobao to B-C, we all want to K this piece of cake! I do not know whether you have the problem of investment now!

can do network sales conditions:

1 must be low cost and easy to deliver (so your cost is easy to control)

2 quality is better than the market! Do not buy goods on the hands of the beginning of the curse (such a negative reputation is not how good!)

3 needs to be ready for an easy to remember domain name (now in the network to do sales: in these areas, I think that the PPG in the choice of domain name is very good! The domain name is added to the advertisement. Eslite is bad, I always remember his name. Only to other sites to help him ad.

4 promotion

Here we have


PPG: television media in the form of more. (and some magazines, online ads)

: the old was VANCL boss, born in network marketing. More agile in the choice of media above, do not hesitate to put money on the portal site. Money is a good thing.

PBA: engaged in the cosmetics industry, within two years of transformation into a better than the current cosmetic B-C sales platform. As a Chinese, finally have a dare to come out and a small Japanese PK.

DHC: small Japanese cosmetics sales in the form of registered members. The emergence of a pattern. It is difficult to use the magazine SMS bombing! Sorry for it! The cost is not low! If you are not Japan, there will certainly be more customers.

5 website embodiment:




we have not seen a possible! Here are a lot of different places, reflecting the eight or nine aspects of the product is not the only!

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