in 2010, a national blind crazy. From the table after the first fruits of the wind, to large and small TV stations to follow, the whole country like crazy. I don’t want to go to the middle of the judge true or false or which is right and which is wrong. In the end it is a farce. Since it is the wind blew after naturally dispersed, but the length of time. But I want to say is, under the marketing strategy of a dragon and a tiger in combat contest, is fully deserve the protagonist. So let’s talk about the marketing strategy. And what are the lessons can be learned.

, as the saying goes, a fresh Chibian days. Fruit Taiwan can be said to be the strength of the domestic front, but also lead the trend. Through innovation, packaging on the dating show to entertainment, originally dull dating show actually do full of sound and colour. Through the program planning, with many of the interactive way to take the quiz system, gradually understanding the guests, layers of rings, gradually approaching, like watching a novel, although the plot as the novel, but with a blind date for packaging, let people have their real illusion, each novel plot is not the same, so the program has a certain look. Once the program was launched, it was a fire. However, a fresh Chibian days, the law was quickly broken. This is an era of marketing strategy. Entertainment technology belongs to the relatively low threshold, the other station can be quickly copied to follow up, if no improvement, just content with staying where one is, is bound to catch up from behind. Indeed, the fruit stage quickly defeated. Later we are now known as the station in the situation of each station in the teeth of the storm. Not for others, others win in marketing planning. The same product, good packaging, popular natural wang. Although it is plagiarism, but copying out their own style, natural waves die on the beach (not yet dead, but if it does not change, will die sooner or later). Fruit table may be more than a few concerns, always seem to be a bit of a rule, it is natural to poor. They can not Guannameduo, their ability to create focus. By planning, with the host, the two hosts with a host than natural, not so monotonous, an opportunity for a lot less. At the same time, through the training of the guests, making dialogue highlights. Create contradictions, the contradictions, the topic came, the audience will have a talk, talk with, pay attention to the nature, which is the basic elements of entertainment. Product packaging category. Coupled with the door of the gate behind the push, soon became the focus of. Red in the controversy was in a complete mess, and red logical. Estimation of waves to death between depressed, why their hard to lay the country almost overnight to give. This is the power of marketing strategy. From that year’s F sister to today’s F sister. No one is born under this power.

so, for the webmaster do stand there is no reference to what? I think at least the following points can refer to:

a, packaging. The product will sell well, must not sell, otherwise, they even have no desire to see, may what to buy for the net >?