station network ( April 15th news, according to authoritative sources, Baidu, Hillhouse capital, GGV capital has completed a new round of investment where the network, a total investment of $57 million (about 350 million yuan). Baidu, Hillhouse capital, GGV capital were invested $19 million to three party. Then where to make a statement that the network does not match the facts.

where the network statement is as follows:

currently on where to get the report of the network are not where to go to confirm the network, the content of the report is inconsistent with the facts. Please stop guessing. Thanks to the media friends on the network where to pay attention. Where there is a major news event, will be the first time to communicate with the media.

where to go network April 15th

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where to network statement: 350 million financing reports and facts do not match


where the network issued a statement reported with the facts very inconsistent, but no clear that where is inconsistent, investing or financing funds?? it is reported where from its inception has received a number of financing,

where to network financing records:

July 2006, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Mayfield and Jinsha River set a vote on the completion of the " where " investment;

November 2007, where to announce the completion of the second round of $10 million financing, this round of financing led by Lehman brothers,

November 12, 2009, where to complete the third round of $15 million in venture capital financing. The round of financing led by Ji Yuan capital investment, before all investors, including Mayfield Vc firm, Jinsha River venture capital and Turner capital to participate.

June 2011, Baidu signed the merger agreement and where to go, where to net valuation of $306 million, $300 million for the Baidu network where the additional 181 million shares of common stock, get a 62.01% stake, becoming its largest shareholder. In this part of the cash, another $40 million 180 thousand is deposited in the escrow account to cover losses arising from breach of contract or some other cause.

from the above data we can see that almost every year to get a financing, and in the 11 years of Baidu $300 million subscription where net additional 181 million shares of common stock, get a 62.01% stake, should say where

will not be short of money!

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