matters: fourth Shanghai party chief

third party, also held here. The main purpose of the third party is to announce the official establishment of the Shanghai Association of friends, took a relatively serious route, did not fully implement the party 2. Fourth, we’re back. Not long ago, I was a person at home pondering the word "friendship", to understand a "truth" – friendship, focusing on friendship. Friendship is a kind of interpersonal relationship. We are peers, there is the need for communication and cooperation with peers, exchanges and cooperation based on interpersonal relationships, such as the most basic understanding, trust, mutual benefit, etc.. The Shanghai webmaster Association, to do is to promote the formation and development of friendship, to provide a platform for webmasters and peers. Web2.0, is a platform, the core of it in my opinion, is also stressed that a human relationship. On the 2 platform, the highest level of platform builders, that is, the most successful performance of the platform, that is, disappear, platform builders back to the background. But the real protagonist, is the ordinary Internet users, or to the party, fully surfaced in power. I concluded that the party was "gathered" for the participants, not the organizers.

6 the end of the month, in the third period after the end of the party, I was talking to a reporter in twenty-first Century economic report, she asked what new ideas of our party webmaster, I said 2 party is very pleased with oneself. Unexpectedly, she immediately replied, this is not what new ideas, and quickly sent me two in September 2006 she wrote an article, is about the meeting of foreign BarCamp introduced China, and held a BarCamp meeting in the warehouse office in news. After I finished reading, I was happy because, we have no intention, in line with the international.

finally, our party will always be the 2 version of Beta, has been trying to improve and. Fourth Shanghai webmaster party, and a new version of the. Above, is my understanding and simple exposition of the party 2. Thank you!