carry out the initial three packs of services in Ali mother, I once wrote an article, then pointed out Ali mother such behavior is typical to occupy the market, Ali mother are using their strong technological advantage and capital chain, forcibly carried high barriers to entry in the Internet advertising, and began to the advertiser’s interest in the first place.

in fact, Ali mother’s activities, there are three main contents:

– package revenue, as long as it is joined by Ali’s mother’s three pack service website, Ali mother to protect its revenue.
– package recommended, Ali mother package will join the three package websites recommend to advertisers.
– package payment, as long as the advertisers encounter false click fraud, Ali mother first guarantee payment.

      in fact, Ali mother suddenly come up with such high-profile behavior, I don’t feel surprised, and even can be said that if Ma men from time to time has not happened, that is unexpected.

      such a service, a lot of people are talking about is the mom attention the rights and obligations of the owners, in fact, a careful analysis of the three packet content found that Ali mother is now gradually adjust its development strategy, from a number of sites as the center, slowly adjust to the track of development with high quality and stable website advertisers based on the double center.

      dual core concept is not my personal rush forward, nor is the so-called Ali mother internal staff broke the news to get information, but Ali’s mother after a long time of development, the inevitable result of market development.

      payment from the last bag, suddenly thought that Alipay’s advertisements and a sentence for having heard it many times advertising words: "you dare I dare to lose, if you want to use the mom in a body, you can rewrite the image:" you dare to buy advertising, I dare compensate".

      in fact, mom this trick can effectively stabilize the advertiser confidence, as the market gradually expanding and marketing development, many traditional industries have begun to try to put the Ali Mama advertising, but advertising form Ali mother for employees of traditional industry enterprises is too complex the so-called fraud scam and flow are not profound understanding, while traditional industries advertisers simply: "money – effect" to treat the advertising platform, so the mom large amounts of energy in the prevention of fraud.

      but the number of sites increased dramatically, Ali mother could not business on the side, just went against the website cheating, so not only exhausted themselves, and easy to be in opposition with the majority of their small owners, so three packets to carry out, will give a clear signal.