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since the date of the birth of the third party payment, its convenient mode and hidden risks will always coexist. This year, the third party payment security issues have been exposed, one of which is particularly prominent phenomenon of unlicensed operation.

a week, many people in the industry to the Yangtze River Daily reporter revealed that the third party payment market by an unlicensed company "(referring to the POS machine is not the direct payment settlement business, but by a third party company" two liquidation "after the draw) form, the current" clearance "the company has more than 2000.

Changjiang Daily reporter to verify that the operating license of the company at least over one thousand, in addition to "an" outside the company, some unlicensed companies according to the company, there is also the name of the name of a subsidiary, borrow the qualification to carry out business, and are divided according to the company.

in fact, the Yangtze River Business Daily reporter query central bank system found that the country really has to pay the license third party payment company is only 267, unlicensed business far more than a business.


license is not the main reason perhaps difficult." In May 11th, a payment industry told the Yangtze Daily reporter said, as some illegal site payment services, P2P platform secretly transfer of benefits, operating without a license is to take advantage of loopholes.

however, the chaos may soon be curbed. Since April, regulators have issued 5 documents to regulate the market of the third party payment. Recently, the central bank and the 14 ministries jointly issued the non bank payment institutions risk remediation work program, mainly to carry out the business of non payment of the third party payment agencies.

"clearance" companies in over 2000, will be paid by the company license only 267

Wang Hua (a pseudonym) was a salesman in Henan, Zhengzhou, a prepaid card business third party payment company, mainly responsible for the maintenance and signing of businesses.

"we are relying on the user to the store brush our prepaid card, and then extract the rate from the user credit card to profit, and the model is the same cup." May 10th, Wang Hua told the Yangtze River Business Daily reporter, we do not have the right to pay the Internet, so there is no online business, the line is also limited to cooperation with businesses."

so-called cooperation with businesses, the main performance of the two forms, one is to provide POS machines for businesses, one is to the merchant’s POS installed on the company’s own payment procedures. Wang Hua revealed that the company has a dedicated POS machine procurement channels, POS machines need to issue national certification".

Wang Hua told the Yangtze River Daily reporter, the current payment industry operating difficulties, benefits are not too good.

, however, operating difficulties are not the most prominent problem in the industry, a number of industry insiders to the Yangtze River Daily reporter revealed that the third party payment industry is currently large >