took over the Internet with more and more people live and work on the network "money" is also increasing, a small part of illegal use of Trojan virus, by means of fraud, has gradually developed into a "industry", and then formed a complete industrial chain of black". The author from the original virus alone, for the development of group operation and meticulous division of labor.

study showed that the ten virus control group has about 80% of the virus on the Internet download channel, and thus to obtain illegal profits staggering, virus group annual revenue of up to several hundred million dollars.

how to get high profits of these virus groups, the survey found that the virus group has several major sources of income, such as online shopping fraud, promote client software, tampering with the browser home page, etc.. With the recent online shopping behavior is increasingly common, for online shopping fraud is becoming the most important virus group.

online shopping fraud impossible to guard against

according to an original in the spread of the virus source, a few years ago, the main goal of the Trojan horse virus is the network game player, virus industry chain business is around hacking and washing, activities, virtual goods virus group will stolen in the online trading platform to the realization of equipment.

after 2010, online shopping has become the most widely used Internet users in the field of criminals engaged in cyber crime become very active. Many Internet users by phishing sites, online shopping Trojans bitter, B2C, C2C business threat due to the threat of a Trojan horse crisis.

under the new situation of the virus Trojan black chain analysis found that the main prey of black chain is the gaming industry transition to electronic commerce industry, and directly to the crime target of each possible online shopping users.

it is understood that the operation of the virus group is generally a shortcut to generate a shopping site in the desktop computer users, such as Taobao, Taobao spike, eBay or other online stores and other shortcuts. Virus group through the Internet users to earn traffic, according to traffic billing, or into a single, according to the proportion of. Some will directly lead the user to the phishing site, directly steal the user’s toxic property.

is present in some virus group manipulation secrets, and even some of the network are impossible to guard against. Security experts suggest that online shopping fraud threats every netizen, and means that ordinary users overwhelmed, recommended safe installation of special prevention tools.

virus group has become a profitable industry

, according to network security experts, the online game player is also an important target of the virus group eyeing. Download and install the Trojan, steal virtual goods, this is the usual way of virus group, although this long-standing operation, but now the Trojan industry chain is perfect, and is still active.

not only that, but also by the virus group to promote the game client profit, each successful registration of a user ID, they can