had only a short while ago, a cartoon called "Captain Tsubasa". There is a very classic lines, said: football as their good friend.

and we grassroots webmaster also experienced such a process, once, the site is their own efforts and life, perhaps to some extent, better than a good friend.


, the situation changes, a lot of people, because of inadequate preparation, or that temporarily lost on the website of the hope. Sell vendor.

no wonder, a popular saying, the sale site, has become a part of the webmaster life. Although not every webmaster have come to sell this step, but, for a look, 1-3 months of hard work, in exchange for part of the difference, it is worth.

poison brother two days ago in the group said a story, a very cow B art, before a list of at least 5000, a month 2-3. But looking for him to do all of the success of personal webmaster, earn about 100000 per month.

so he began to think of the station, a year later, he stood up, but put a lot of money, but less than 2000 yuan a month, the artist also gave up, and now ready to turn back to do art.

recently many webmaster community are also in the annual review of similar outlook, the Olympic year, but there are always some more pessimistic taste, perhaps this is precisely the confusion of the grassroots webmaster should be thinking about.

think and do, interest and interests.

most of the owners around me from the beginning is also involved in the interest, but a lot of webmasters will be a full-time webmaster as a future journey, this decision is more arbitrary. Because of the interest to survive after all.

men fear into the wrong line, choose to do, after all, great efforts are needed, and even choose to do also have a lot of industry site choice, the friend is the artist made a mistake, not to do things their own good. People are most afraid of is that, in the interests of the face, will lose interest.

there is something you do bad things, do not good column, try not to touch, I also experienced this stage, starting from the code station, have also done some good code station, one is done 2W5000IP, 6W PV, but the server cost and eager to profit mentality this website, ruined the future. After all, people’s energy and ability are limited. This thing does not come.

maybe in 2008, we think and can do is nothing more than focus, repeat, accurate positioning of their resources and capabilities. Flow does not necessarily represent the profit, but the content is definitely a benefit.

think, dare to do grassroots webmaster is called grassroots, is our advantage is stronger than others born several times, saying: life can have a few back since there is no foundation > Bo?