1 thunder again "blacklist" video website difficult international copyright war  

technical limitations or intended to be in the development process of video sites, piracy has been outstanding. Yesterday, there was news that the American Film Institute recently singled out a number of pirated download sites and the market "black list", after "gun", Chinese video website thunder and everyone in the film again among them.

number of degrees on the list

piracy "blacklist" from the American Film Institute released a worldwide audiovisual piracy investigation report, which pointed to a number of pirated download link website "blacklist" and the world’s 10 largest pirated audio-visual products market, thunder and people video subtitles Heranzailie station. In addition, Beijing Hailong Electronics City has become one of the largest entities pirated audio-visual products market.

2 Ali to go to the cause of the online travel website war domain which strong  

news October 29th, yesterday, the Alibaba group announced that the upgrade will air travel division’s aviation brigade for the group, "Taobao travel" upgraded to the new independent brand "Ali travel · go ah, and enable the independent domain name alitrip.com on the line. The press conference, Li Shaohua is shouted "where is not important, the key is to" export #, where has the intention to challenge.

a poster triggered the war

GDP Chinese after expanding tourism demand, while Ctrip, where to go and other tourist sites Dadehuore, Ali naturally will not miss this fat. Go ah start late, where Ctrip and where to go, go to the share is negligible". Although this is said on the mouth, but Ctrip, where it will not really indifferent. Just in the Alibaba to go to the production of a poster, where to go, Ctrip and other tourist sites have made a counterattack, triggering a war between the web site poster war".

3 a machine a? Ma with iPhone 6 Plus  

cited hot media;

Apple will cooperate with Alibaba?. According to foreign media reports, in the Staples Center Alibaba founder Ma Yun day before, watching the Losangeles Lakers in the first match of the new season NBA. Feel the surprise, Ma Yun in watching games has come up with a iPhone 6 Plus photograph, this scene was also the scene of the media photographed at the same time triggered a heated debate between apple and Alibaba cooperation negotiations seemed to good progress.


handheld iPhone 6 Plus camera was originally a very common thing, but taking into account the Ma and apple CEO Tim · and has just been in China