since the beginning of last year, more and more investment in mergers and acquisitions between technology companies, mergers and acquisitions and investment targets are also small companies began to shift to large companies.

‘s recent case was $586 million for to buy Sina’s stake in micro-blog, and is likely to raise its stake to $30%. This is the largest amount of trade in the technology industry this year.

Alibaba shares Sina micro-blog rumors have appeared a few months ago, and now finally settled. Over the past two years, Alibaba made a number of investment and acquisition of the transaction, prior to its acquisition of the mobile Internet data analysis firms alliance, rumors of the acquisition price of $80 million.


is not the only Alibaba a lavish company. There are many news to Tencent technology, search engine Baidu to more than 350 million U.S. dollars to buy online video company PPS. If true, this is the second time in the past two years to make the amount of such a big deal in the past years. The third quarter of 2011, Baidu to $306 million stake in online travel sites where to network.

According to the

hit group data in the Internet industry, since 2011 the amount of more than $100 million in investment transactions 14, and in 2000 to 2010 of the same transaction only 9. And large-scale acquisitions in contrast, since 2012, China has only two Internet Co successfully landed in the U.S. stock market, the listing situation is very bleak.

very few listed cases and so intensive large-scale mergers and acquisitions investment indicates that China has entered the era of big Internet transactions.

now it seems that most of these big deals can benefit. By selling to the Internet giant, medium-sized Internet Co found a patron; for its investors also have exit channels; and for the Internet giant through acquisitions or investment can be faster and more direct and consolidate its dominant position or make up an own short board.

especially in the field of mobile Internet, in addition to the current game company, and there is no good profit model, while the giants need location and layout of the card on the mobile internet. Alibaba and Baidu are more than the acquisition of the mobile Internet, because the two companies themselves in the mobile Internet and no killer applications.

"right" contributed to the large trading

to have a big deal, the most important thing is to have enough volume of companies involved in the transaction. This includes giant acquisitions and a large number of companies can be acquired.

Chinese Internet over the past ten years of accumulation, the giant has long been formed. But for the giants, the past tend to prefer to do their own business, rather than by way of expansion. This shift has only recently taken place. There may be two reasons for this: one is that these giant companies have failed many attempts, and gradually realize that they do not as simple as the acquisition;