I was in 2006 began to contact the site before, is engaged in the Internet, but do not know the true meaning of the site, just messing around

below to talk about my 06 years in March to now and a half of the station to do a simple experience:

2006 in March made the first base station, a PW (PW release station).


station is my first commercial station, also plans to develop big, started with 30 thousand blocks, 13000 yuan in the competition for a year to rent a server (send property), 10000 yuan investment in advertising on the pop Alliance (indeed, after the IP= -0.01 advertising, too fake, no experience) and 7000 yuan the 3 external website homepage (pop these big liar, do publicity after the plug-in also my PW release station template stealing, then put on his home window! K his mother, the money is not more than, my site is to find a professional web site to do, do the station spent about 5000 yuan, a total of up to $35000 investment, but the final failure of a step confused! Up to now I have not found the cause of the failure, may be too little investment! Don’t do it now, this is my first time to develop a website, the hardest hit. This station is the highest IP 100 thousand daily, ALEXA highest when the 80 thousand (now want to sell incredibly no one wants)

2006 April 7om.cn comprehensive search (done 3 months, no popularity!)

In May

2006 7om.com.cn (network show a large entertainment oriented station, with easy procedure, and can be modified for 1 months, put 2 month, too tired)

In June

2006 91g.com.cn 91 Ge (a website, the 2 month, unclear prospects!)

In June

2006   a post (a Post Bar website, full automatic send illegal information by software of others, after a few months off!)

2006 July 7ke.com.cn seven guest network (a site navigation station, up to now only a day of 20 IP, add their own web site)

In August

2006 qx01.com local information network (ha ha this station on the local machine, no space to do this station to provide a platform for local users who know foreign friends to release the sale of handguns, the college entrance examination cheating and other illegal information every day, because the program does not need to audit failure, shown in the foreground, a the local police day was discovered, detained 1 hours, fined 2000 yuan).

2006 September 7world.com.cn Seventh World (this is one of my favorite stations, and updated 20>